Forever Exiled

Forever Exiled

Forever Exiled is a new Path of Exile podcast hosted by Justin (Tagz) and Tyler (Wrecker of Days). We are both heavily obsessed with Path of Exile and wanted to share our obsession with other PoE freaks out there. Tagz has been playing Path of Exile since April 2012 in the Beta days and Wrecker of Days finally joined in 2014. We both have totally different builds and playstyles that we enjoy but the overall enjoyment and ultimate satisfaction we get from Path of Exile is the same. Hopefully, we can steal some of your time to chat about the things we love about this incredible game(period)

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3.15 Expedition League Launch!

July 25, 2021

BRING. IT. ON. Act 1. Who doesn't want a challenging PoE experience!? Come on! What a great start to a new league. In Episode 94 of Forever Exiled, we talk about all the neat changes we noticed in Act 1 and how it compares to the "good old days" along with our personal experiences and opinions for …

3.15 Expedition Dev. Manifesto and Patch Notes!

July 21, 2021

Listen, I'm not sure what you want me to say here. It's a patch notes episode, m'kay? We talk about patchy things...and the CRAZIEST META SHAKEUP EVER! Probably. There is SO much to talk about with the 3.15 Development Manifesto and Expedition Patch Notes. GGG is making sure Path of Exile is going …

3.15 Expedition Reveal!

July 18, 2021

OH! MY! GOODNESS! What a massive reveal! GGG isn't scared to make big changes to bring Path of Exile to the state that they are aiming for, and they're showing it here with their 3.15 reveal! Flasks, trigger skills, enemies, support values, new base types, new defense type (Ward), 19 new skill gems…

Bubble Numbers & Time Stamps Feat. Brittleknee!

July 11, 2021

Fan Art, Patches (coolest patch ever!), and $500 statues...that's GGG's news this week...but WHO CARES if it's the end of 3.14's Ultimatum, there's an infinite amount of Path of Exile to discuss! Brittleknee joined us this week, which is just awesome, every time, and we talked about our wild "alumi…

Teasers, For Adults Only

July 4, 2021

We got our first tease of 3.15! No title as of yet but some sweet music, skills, and glorious NPCs! Seriously, if you don't like GGG's NPC's, you're insane. Ultimatum's Trial-Master is amazing. Well, the NPC that is...we've never seen the fight. But this week in PoE gave us good conversation pieces…

I Mean, Gift Cards Already, M'KAY?!?!?

June 27, 2021

Ya! It's Episode 89 of Forever Exiled, a Path of Exile podcast! GGG had a slow announcement week as it nears the end of 3.14's Ultimatum, so in this episode we just let it flow... the school year is ending, a new league is coming, there are filters to test, Canada Day is around the corner (we prete…