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Forever Exiled

Forever Exiled is a Path of Exile podcast hosted by Justin (Tagz) and Tyler (Wrecker of Days) that covers all things Path of Exile. We’re both heavily obsessed with the game. Every time we go out for dinner, the conversation quickly turns from real life to the builds we’re playing, the news that GGG has released, and all of our opinions and dreams regarding it all. We talk so much PoE, that a podcast just made sense ;-). Tagz has been playing Path of Exile since Beta in April 2012 and Wrecker eventually joined in 2014. We both have very different playstyles so there doesn’t seem to be an end to the things we can make fun of each for. So, if you want to join a couple of buds talking PoE over a few drinks, pull up a chair and enjoy yourselves! Thanks for stopping by!

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December 04, 2022

3.20's League Reveal & Patch Notes are Here!

Episode 165 flies at a mile a minute! With the 3rd manifesto (curses) to discuss, along with 3.20's The Forbidden Sanctum reveal, Chris Wilson's interview with Ziggy D, and Patch Notes, we had SO much to talk about and nowher...

November 27, 2022

3.20 Manifestos (Part 2) EldritCH Altar and Core Changes!

This is so great! GGG is spreading out its many manifestos over weeks! We had two last week and one this week! So in episode 164 of Forever Exiled, outside of our usual awesomeness, we talk about the Eldritch Altar changes wi...

November 20, 2022

3.20 Manifestos (Part 1) and Name Reveal!

You know those times in life when you just can't wait for what's to come? Well, GGG had five posts this week that dramatically changed how Path of Exile's core is going to look in the future. Thanks to GGG, episode 163 of For...

November 13, 2022

Announcement of Announcement Nerdom

Episode 162 is as good as they come. With 3.19's extension, GGG's given fans plenty of time to fill out their Lake of Kalandra checklist annnnnnd hype! With three or four weeks to go until the 3.20 release, GGG has given us a...

November 06, 2022

Ruthless (References) with Brittleknee

Episode 161 means BK is back! Welcome back, Brittleknee! We missed you! The more friends you have that like Path of Exile, the better life is. GGG made some pretty cool announcements this week that gave us insight into the "f...

October 30, 2022

You Can't Void the Driftwood Club!

Ok. So. Here's the thing. Episode 160 is non-stop. It's not our fault! GGG just keeps posting stuff! Path of Exile's November Events have been announced and 3.19's Lake of Kalandra is not going core. That's a lot of juice to ...