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Nov. 22, 2020

From to PoE 2

Ya! Hardcore Private Leagues are so fun when you suck at HC. In Episode 56 we talk about the start of the Forever Exiled private …

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Nov. 15, 2020

Affinities, Portmanteaus, and Hardcore...Leagues

What a fun episode! We caught up on the last two weeks of PoE news and updates which gave us SO much to discuss. GGG released tab…

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Nov. 8, 2020

The One, The Only, ItsYoji!

This week we were honoured to interview ItsYoji! If you've ever, in the history of Path of Exile, looked anything up on YouTube r…

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Nov. 1, 2020

Secret Conspiracies and 3.13's Delay

Well, that was a busy week, hey? GGG announced the delay of 3.13 (due to Cyberpunk), they had a second post that explained thorou…

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Oct. 25, 2020

Great! Now We BOTH Like Heist!

In Episode 52, something horrible happened...Justin and I agreed on Heist related things :(. It was really awkward...;). GGG gave…

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Oct. 18, 2020

Heist Sucks(says WoD) but We Love It! Feat. Brittleknee!

Well goodness gracious, are you in for a treat! We have a couple of weeks worth of content to cram into this episode, and what a …

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Oct. 11, 2020

GGG's One, The Only, Kamil Orman-Janowski!

Oh my goodness. We had so much fun with this interview. In this episode, we interview Kamil Orman-Janowski, Music Director and Co…

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Oct. 4, 2020

The Love and Hate of Heist

Dang! Episode 49! Talk about division! The changes to 3.12 and the bugs being fixed we're another big topic of discussion between…

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Sept. 27, 2020

One Week Into 3.12's Heist!

Episode 48! Talk about a week of subjectivity! How was your league launch? Mine was good, yours was bad. How do you like Heist's …

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Sept. 20, 2020

Heist is Released!

Episode 47 is all about the newly released 3.12 expansion Heist! We delve into subjects like the Rogue Town Thingy, Heist currenc…

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Sept. 16, 2020

3.12 Dev. Manifesto and Patch Notes! Hazaa!

You'll never guess what episode 46 is all'll never guess. So there's this guy, right? He falls in love with this girl…

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Sept. 13, 2020

Curses POG 3.12 chatter

So many teasers came out this week for 3.12 that it's almost impossible to play Harvest now! With Patch Notes and the 3.12 Passiv…

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Sept. 6, 2020

3.12 Heist Announcement and Discussion

Oh my! What a sexy reveal by GGG! In episode 44 we converse about tons of content that 3.12 is adding to PoE. There are so many a…

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Aug. 30, 2020

Hardcore DOTs

Rambo's hardcore DOTs...I mean, thoughts. hardcore wait!... Well, that sounds nasty....good thing the episode isn't…

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Aug. 23, 2020

Let's Get to the Core

Ya! Core talk! Episode 42 features a drugged up Tagz, powering through the pain, committing to another great week of PoE talk. We…

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Aug. 16, 2020

The One, The Only, Brittleknee!

Episode 41 is amazing! We had a blast interviewing Brittleknee! You likely know her from one of many different neighborhoods of P…

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Aug. 9, 2020

Item Weight (Where are my WANDS!?)

Daaaaang! It's episode 40 already! That's basically 100. This episode features talk about Trump not touching video games, our end…

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Aug. 2, 2020

If You Know What I Mean...

Nothing like a good vacation to clear your mind and rejuvenate your PoE addiction. Welcome back Tagz! In this episode (after we f…

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