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Best POE Podcast out there!

Love these two! Great chemistry, great balance, Happy 150th!

From lawns to bubble numbers… and a little POE

Gotta love the chemistry between the two Tags and WOD! (It’s like they are an old married couple) Sure they may not be the top 5% of players but that is what makes it great! They are so much more relatable that way, players who love Poe and love to take about it among everything else in life. They feel like a couple of guys you could hang out with at Pita Pit and chill… then next think you know POE comes up and they explode with joy and wonder! If you are a vet or a newbie your time will not be wasted listening!


Is it just me, or is PoE talk less Important to YOU than their weekly update on their lawns? Love you guys, spread your seed.

Knowledgeable and entertaining!

Great chemistry between the hosts and lots of great well-thought-out takes on everything POE!

Entertaining, To Say The Least!

As a parent of two kids, I can relate to the banter at the beginning of each episode which is actually really nice. I find myself literally laughing out loud over the extremely accurate retelling of the day-to-day dad life struggles. I just learned last episode that some of the build guides I’ve used are actually created by one of the hosts, which was a really cool discovery. Tagz & Wrecker of Days, keep on doing what y’all are doing! Love the format of the episodes. They are a good length and always a high quality production.

Awesome podcast!

I am new player to POE but I absolutely love this game. I came from Diablo and Grim Dawn worlds and love arpgs a lot. I have tried many builds in POE, liked most of them but your stress free trigger happy duelist is the best play-through yet. Looking forward to more of your podcasts!

Breath of fresh PoE

You guys are a blast to listen to. Its great to hear a new perspective on PoE content. Love all the banter and opinions. Great work keep it up!

Amazing podcast

Love what you guys are doing keep it up!

Great way to enjoy PoE content!

Sometimes viewing a pre-recorded video or watching a stream is not really ideal. This podcast is the answer to that situation. Engaging discussion relevant to the current league that is good for moderate to experienced players. Thank you for providing this content for us to consume.

Great pod

I’m very new to PoE and a lot of this information is over my head, but it’s helping me understand the game so I can have some clue as to what I’m suppose to be doing.

Great Content

It feels good to have other players that are mostly casual like me. It makes me feel more connected to what you are talking about and it is very enjoyable. I would like to hear more about crafting but besides that, keep up the great podcast.