Aug. 1, 2021

2 Days...Holy Backtracks Batman!

2 Days...Holy Backtracks Batman!

Welp! It happened. We had some reversals. This week was a crazy week in Path of Exile Land! Massive amounts of patches (that's a good thing at the end of the day) and even a cool community event in the form of Twitch Rivals via Royale! But the big news of the week was GGG lowering the mana cost of supports and extending the duration of flask ailment immunities. We've been quite high on Expedition so far but 3.15 has changed so much we may have to restart ;). We're looking forward to things calming down in-game so we can get a feel for this "new PoE". So feel free to sit back and listen to us go through the ups and downs of these changes. Thanks for swinging by! We hope you enjoy Episode 95!

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