Jan. 10, 2021

3.13's Ritual and Echoes of the Atlas Reveal!

3.13's Ritual and Echoes of the Atlas Reveal!
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Well...I mean...what do you say? The reveal for Echoes of the Atlas was so amazing that it's on par with Path of Exile 2's hype. And Ritual! If it wasn't for the core expansion Ritual would be talked about non-stop as well! In Episode 63 of our Forever Exiled podcast, we talk about all things revealed this week along with the arrival of Harvest and Heist into the core game. New watchstones, crafting, no timed events, ascendancies, currency, skills, maps, bosses (oh the BOSSES!)...this episode could have been eternal...and it was 99% PoE too! There's too much to talk about and all of it we love. We can't wait to play! Hopefully, you enjoy the episode, and thanks for the listens! See you at the league launch! (Pardon Chris? Sirus might be leaving?)

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