April 14, 2021

3.14 Patch Notes Came Out Today!

3.14 Patch Notes Came Out Today!
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Gotta love Patch Notes day! It's like Christmas for us here at Forever Exiled (a Path of Exile podcast) :-). GGG released their 3.14 Ultimatum patch notes today; so like the nerds we are, we giggle (and complain like know-it-alls) through the parts of the notes that interest us (and hopefully you as well)...just like we would at a coffee shop "sans covid"! The amount of changes to the core game is staggering and it will be great to see it in action this Friday. Honestly, though, it's all icing on the cake compared to removing "ALLIES CAN'T DIE". Hazaa! Hopefully, you like the episode. See you Sunday!

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