July 18, 2021

3.15 Expedition Reveal!

3.15 Expedition Reveal!

OH! MY! GOODNESS! What a massive reveal! GGG isn't scared to make big changes to bring Path of Exile to the state that they are aiming for, and they're showing it here with their 3.15 reveal! Flasks, trigger skills, enemies, support values, new base types, new defense type (Ward), 19 new skill gems, and more, all getting a major overhaul...of course, all on top of the Expedition league release. Royale was even added to Ultimatum/3.14 in the meantime! We tried to keep the episode short, but come on...there's just too much to discuss! And don't forget all the nuggets of info that Ziggy and Chris discussed in the post-reveal. Goodness. Sit back and relax cause the game is changing...we better change with it. Thanks for the listens everyone! We love your faces.

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