Oct. 17, 2021

3.16 Scourge Patch Notes (SURPRISE!)

3.16 Scourge Patch Notes (SURPRISE!)
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Well, that was a great surprise, hey? "Oh, by the way, Patch Notes will be posted after this video..." Wazaa wazaa whaaaaa? Well, I guess that's an end to 3.15's controversial (but awesome) Expedition and the beginning of 3.16's Scourge! It was the biggest patch notes that have ever existed and we nerded out 111% with all the stuff that excites us. GGG really went insane with all the changes they are bringing this coming league and...honestly, Path of Exile is looking so good. Hopefully, you enjoy crowding "our table" as we go through the notes and hype ourselves for next week's Scourge launch! Thanks for the listens folks!

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