Feb. 6, 2022

3.17's Archnemesis League Launch!

3.17's Archnemesis League Launch!
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It's here! 3.17's Archnemesis has arrived with all of its goodies to discover. What an awesome week it's been with all the great reveals GGG gave us. I mean, Path of Exile has two passive trees now! Two Passive Trees! Nerd Heaven! In Episode 122 of Forever Exiled, we talk about all aspects of the launch. Pre-launch, post-launch, mid-launch...lunch launch. There's so much new content to discover and interact with...we couldn't handle ourselves! We're excited to keep progressing and really experience the game as a whole! Thanks for the listens, folks! You make this so fun! And congrats GGG on your smoothest launch yet...and doing it with the most concurrent players you've ever had! (There are a lot of exclamation marks in this post...I'm not yelling...I'm excited!) (Dang, there's another one.)

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