Aug. 7, 2022

3.19's Lake of Kalandra's Dev. Manifesto!

3.19's Lake of Kalandra's Dev. Manifesto!
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Well! That was unexpected! So many mechanical overhauls! The Lake of Kalandra expansion is looking really spicy and with all the changes GGG brought to the table with the 3.19 Dev. Manifesto this week. You can bet that this episode won't be close to our target time of 45 minutes ;-). With so many mechanics and archetypes being changed, along with the teases of so much information still yet to come in the Patch Notes, we could have talked for hours. Please, pull up a chair and a drink, and join us in going through the ups and downs of the current direction of Path of Exile. Thanks for tuning in, folks! You're awesome :-)

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