Aug. 14, 2022

3.19's Lake of Kalandra's Reveal/Patch Notes!

3.19's Lake of Kalandra's Reveal/Patch Notes!
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Sooooo...GGG's 3.19 Lake of Kalandra Live Stream and Patch Notes were announced and posted this weekend.'ll never guess what we talked about in this episode. You'll never guess ;). Episode 149 of Forever Exiled, a Path of Exile podcast is all about...LAWNS! ;-). We have so many things to talk about regarding this expansion; more than any other league that we can remember! The league and core changes are so exciting that we had a difficult time staying on subject. Hopefully, you enjoy what we had to say about the Patch Notes and Live Stream. Thanks so much for hanging with us this week! Enjoy the league launch and we'll see you next week! 

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