Nov. 27, 2022

3.20 Manifestos (Part 2) EldritCH Altar and Core Changes!

3.20 Manifestos (Part 2) EldritCH Altar and Core Changes!
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This is so great! GGG is spreading out its many manifestos over weeks! We had two last week and one this week! So in episode 164 of Forever Exiled, outside of our usual awesomeness, we talk about the Eldritch Altar changes with some tidbits on its impact on the core game. Plus, who doesn't love minions? Whether you play Path of Exile all day long or only a few hours a week, the coming changes have a benefit for you! 3.19's Lake of Kalandra will soon be 3.20's Forbidden Sanctum and it can't come soon enough! Nor can the Curse Manifesto ;-). Thanks for making us a part of your weekly life! We love your faces.

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