Dec. 4, 2022

3.20's League Reveal & Patch Notes are Here!

3.20's League Reveal & Patch Notes are Here!
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Episode 165 flies at a mile a minute! With the 3rd manifesto (curses) to discuss, along with 3.20's The Forbidden Sanctum reveal, Chris Wilson's interview with Ziggy D, and Patch Notes, we had SO much to talk about and nowhere near enough time. GGG touched so many aspects of their game with this release! It was impossible to discuss everything we wanted to, but don't worry, we'll end up bringing it all up in the weeks to come. We'll be playing Path of Exile non-stop and have plenty to say about it. Hopefully, you enjoyed the past 3 weeks of hype as much as we have! I appreciate you all and hope you have a fantastic league launch!

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