April 2, 2023

3.21 Crucible Patch Notes and Reveal! FT Brittleknee

3.21 Crucible Patch Notes and Reveal! FT Brittleknee
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It happened! The long wait for the 3.21 league is over! 3.21's Crucible has revealed itself with all of its glory and it's...MASSIVE! The character passive tree is "completely" new, the Atlas Passive tree has "warp zones", Masteries...goodness...the Masteries, league mechanic revamps, ascendancy revamps, implicit changes, QoL love...the 3.21 patch notes were insanely huge and it impacts every build that exists. And don't get us started on Passive Trees for weapons!!! This 182nd episode of Forever Exiled was amazingly fun for the three of us to record. Thanks BK for joining us! And you too! It's always a pleasure to have you "pull up and chair" and join us.

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