Nov. 13, 2022

Announcement of Announcement Nerdom

Announcement of Announcement Nerdom

Episode 162 is as good as they come. With 3.19's extension, GGG's given fans plenty of time to fill out their Lake of Kalandra checklist annnnnnd hype! With three or four weeks to go until the 3.20 release, GGG has given us an announcement that they will be announcing some changes (in the form of Manifestos) which will come before the announcement of 3.20 where they will announce many more things. Four or more manifestos will be coming out this week and we spend the episode talking about the information they've given us so far (in the announcement of the announcement), where we think the company is going with these changes, and what we hope they're going to do with them. Thanks for tuning in each week. You're simply the best!

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