May 15, 2022

Archnemesis...I Mean Sentinel...Has Launched!

Archnemesis...I Mean Sentinel...Has Launched!
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One of the cons to recording on league-launch-day is that the issues we discuss get fixed by the time the episode is released two days later. OR, we'll say that the launch is really stable and then everyone else is having tons of crashes. It always happens! Ha! Well, this league is no different! But we had a great time getting used to the new 3.18 Sentinel mechanics, the new rare enemy mods, and the controller tree. GGG seems to have a lot up its sleeves and this seems to be just a taste of it. Path of Exile was in an amazing state in 3.17 and we can't wait to see what the rest of 3.18 does for it! Episode 136 of Forever Exiled was totally unscripted...who has time for notes on league-launch day! Come on! We hope you enjoy the episode and thank you, as always, for your encouraging support!

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