Dec. 18, 2022

Atlas-bating Week 1 of 3.20's Forbidden Sanctum

Atlas-bating Week 1 of 3.20's Forbidden Sanctum

So, you know when you have a fantasy draft of your favourite sports league and you get together with your buddy(ies) that are just as uber-nerdy as you about said fantasy sports league, and you talk about the draft results of everyone's rosters in your league...for hours? No? Well, I do. Here, we call that roster-bating. So, I need a two syllable word that's Path of Exile related to put in front of "bating". Preferably something that ends with the "er" sound. In the meantime, we nerd out 111% in this week's episode. E167 is just non-stop about the Forbidden Sanctum, 3.20's new core experience, GGG's direction, our personal experiences thus really is non-stop chit-chat. We did our best not to interrupt each other, so that means half of the content we wanted to talk about will be available next week 😉 . Thanks for hanging out with us this week! We hope you're enjoying the new PoE as much as we are!

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