Sept. 5, 2021

Celebrating 100 with Tarke Cat!

Celebrating 100 with Tarke Cat!

EPISODE 100!!! To celebrate our 100th Episode, we wanted to do something special for both ourselves and our listeners. So for us, that was getting our first ever interviewee back on the show to catch up and talk about everything and anything. Tarke Cat was our first ever interview in Episode 13, so 87 episodes later, we were wonderfully pleased to be able to have him back! So much has happened since we last had him on the show, both in PoE and the real world. We wished we could have gone on for much longer (so enjoy After Dark Patreons!) but we squeezed in as much of everything about GGG, Path of Exile, and life as we could. Thanks, Tarke for making Episode 100 so great! And last but not least, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of our listeners! You've made this hobby of ours such a fun experience! It's so neat for us to think that we're a positive part of your weekly lives. Thank you so much for your support and here's to another 100 (or thousand)! Cheers, eh?

Also, though we're an audio-only podcast, we thought E100 would be a fun time to do a video version of the show. So, for this ONE and ONLY time, you can see us chatting "live" here:

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