Dec. 15, 2019

Forever Exiled - A New League Starts 3.9

Forever Exiled - A New League Starts 3.9

3.9 has been out for a day and a half! So in Episode 3 we took the opportunity to discuss many of the great things this league has to offer...both in-game and quality of life features. From the new Shaper health to the new filter system, to the new mystery boxes, we covered lots of content regarding one of GGG's most stable releases yet.

Be safe exiles!

Join Tagz and Wrecker of Days as they begin their journey in Path of Exile's most recent expansion 3.9 Metamorph.

We chat about our current builds and how they're shaping up in this new league. Taking time to talk about some bugs we've noticed or heard about.

Share some thoughts on the boss changes for end game specifically.

The new filters introduced recently to Path of Exile gets Wrecker of Days very excited, much more than he should...

The new mystery boxes were released called Polaris and we share our thoughts on these new MTX.

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