Oct. 10, 2021

Pre-Dev. Manifestos! Hazaa!

Pre-Dev. Manifestos! Hazaa!

There are patch notes. There are Dev. Manifestos. There are launch teasers. But Dev. Manifestos for the Dev. Manifestos? This is the best. It just keeps getting better and better! GGG has graced fans with more massive changes to the core of Path of Exile. There's so much to discuss in the 3-part reveal of the direction 3.16 Scourge is taking us. In Episode 105 of Forever Exiled, we discuss all the news we like and dislike, along with some thoughts on the long-term value of some of these changes. And don't forget new players! These types of reveal weeks are like Christmas to the two of us. So hopefully you enjoy us two PoE nerds, nerding out during 3.15's Expedition, about 3.16's Scourge. Love ya!

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