Jan. 17, 2021

Ritual! 3.13! It's Out! Party on Garth!

Ritual! 3.13! It's Out! Party on Garth!
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So, if you look at the title, any guesses as to what the core conversation of this episode is? You'll never guess. Never. We talk Cyberpunk, totally not 3.13. We talk about John Wick, obviously not Ritual. Do you like talking about the movie Frozen? Well, obviously we talk about that instead of Maven and her orbs.

Honestly, we had so much to say about the release of the new Path of Exile "tribute" league that it was really hard to stop recording. The only reason we stopped was so that we could get back to playing (PoE, not Cyberpunk). Thanks for all the listens folks. We love your faces.

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