Jan. 29, 2023

Ruthless Hype!

Ruthless Hype!

Our private league is about to begin! Well, by the time this comes out it will already be in full swing, but you know what we mean. Both of us intentionally didn't try Ruthless until now, so our private league will be the first time we'll be trying Ruthless. We can't wait! So much so that this might be our shortest episode yet! (Our private league starts within 45m of writing this.) But don't worry. We still managed to get some talk in about space stations, androids, and mixing up some nasty definitions. Speaking of definitions, we brought up a great one for Path of Exile...what a great game. There's always lots of Path of Exile to discuss, no matter where we are in the league. Thanks, as always, for your wonderful support! We love your faces. Oh! On a side note, did you know that GGG makes a game called Path of Exile which is currently in the 3.20 league called the Forbidden Sanctum? If you didn't, now you do 😉 . Love ya!

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