Feb. 13, 2022

The First Week of 3.17 Archnemesis!

The First Week of 3.17 Archnemesis!
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New bosses, old bosses, Rare "bosses", crazy bosses... everywhere are boss bosses! 3.17 Archnemesis has been out a week and we've all had a good chance to get knee-deep into the content. Whether it's Path of Exile's new atlas tree, the new bosses, the new Atlas, new currency, or the new "boss building" league, GGG has really hit a home run this league launch. Sure there's always stuff to improve, but this has been a pretty amazing experience so far. And don't take for granted the changes to the core game from previous leagues that have really enhanced this launch! We hope you enjoy our nerd session for episode 123. Thanks for all the support! We at Forever Exiled love your faces.

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