May 16, 2021

The One, The Only, ShakCentral!

The One, The Only, ShakCentral!
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This week we were excited to be joined by ShakCentral! If you've ever looked into any Vortex or Occultist builds, you've heard of him. His Vortex guide is everywhere in PoE Land and is played by thousands in each league. It's a staple/go-to for being an amazing beginner-friendly CI guide while crushing endgame at the same time. Shak's build, his dedication to it, along with his passion for PoE and helping new players stick with the game, is second to no one. It was great to discuss it with him on a personal level, along with hearing his perspective of 3.14's Ultimatum and the current state of Path of Exile, all while making wonderful fun of each. Thanks for joining us ShakCentral! And thank you everyone for your listens.

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