June 5, 2022

The One, The Only, Zizaran!

The One, The Only, Zizaran!
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This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Zizaran! Ziz needs no introduction to any fan of Path of Exile. His premium content is all over Twitch and YouTube; his name is synonymous with the game itself. Whether you're new to the game and barely browsed for PoE content or have tens of thousands of hours in Path of Exile, you've come across him, his passion for the game, and likely found content relevant for you too. His influence in the community is matched by few (if at all). For those who follow his broadcasts regularly, you know how honest and transparent he is. This interview is no different! We had a great time getting to know more about the Zizaran behind the camera and we hope you do too! Thank you for your support and all the listens! You're all fantastic.

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