April 18, 2021

Today's the Day! 3.14 Ultimatum is Out!

Today's the Day! 3.14 Ultimatum is Out!
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Well...kinda. Both of us, like many of you, had a difficult time staying connected to the Path of Exile's 3.14 expansion. BUT there was still so much to talk about that we still had a great time hating each other and wishing the worst for each other's futures. But seriously, there was horrible online fallout against GGG for a false story, lovely lawns, some interesting Reddit posts by GGG staff, more lawn talk, new mechanic discoveries, disconnects, lawn stuff...we had plenty going on...not to mention being schooled by an 11-year-old. We're really excited for Ultimatum's co-op possibilities so hopefully, GGG has a fix before this episode is released! Thanks for the listens and happy gaming!

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