July 25, 2021

3.15 Expedition League Launch!

3.15 Expedition League Launch!

BRING. IT. ON. Act 1. Who doesn't want a challenging PoE experience!? Come on! What a great start to a new league. In Episode 94 of Forever Exiled, we talk about all the neat changes we noticed in Act 1 and how it compares to the "good old days" along with our personal experiences and opinions for Expedition itself. We felt it important to bring up Chris' "2nd Dev. Manifesto" about GGG's abilities to change and plan for their own game along with the awesome interview that Asmongold had with Chris the day before launch. Path of Exile is changing lots and we're happy to be there for the ride. This was a hard episode to wrap up as there was soooo much stuff we could have included...but alas, we must wait a week for that. Thanks for the listens folks! Love ya!

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