April 10, 2022

Border Seed Spreading - Feat. Brittleknee!

Border Seed Spreading - Feat. Brittleknee!
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YA! It's an episode with an end digit of 1! This means that Episode 131 of Forever Exiled is graced with more Brittleknee! It's always great to hang with BK and catch up with friends. This episode, like most others, is obliviously 99.9% Path of Exile content. The three of us go from Gardening to Borderlands, to Credit Cards, to missing school, to lawns, to Path of Exile. (And don't worry. We get to PoE chat lickety-split!) We have Bingo, hitting 100, reaching 40/40, Altas Passive Trees, Private Leagues...awww...look a GGG's 3.17 Archnemesis bonding friends together forever ;). Isn't it great? Thanks, BK for joining us again, and thanks to everyone for listening! We love ya!

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