Feb. 9, 2020

Forever Exiled - Don’t Be Stupid

Forever Exiled - Don’t Be Stupid

Episode 12! What better time to discuss Celestial Cat Socks! I mean we also talked about, what happened in PoE Land this past week, random level generation, how rad the new endgame replay-ability is (ya, I said “rad”), how much we love co-op (or wish we did), and of course...we can’t go too many episodes without talking about how great Metamorph is and telling people to smarten up and pay attention to what they’re building. Also, Hillock divorced Justin and started hooking up with Tyler...We know it’s kind of a “faux pas” to get with someone else’s “other” but...we don’t choose when Tabula’s drop, you know? Sometimes things just happen...but none of that matters...only Celestial Cat Socks matter! Sooooo comfy.

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