Jan. 8, 2023

Happy New Year and Thanks, Tolman!

Happy New Year and Thanks, Tolman!
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Hopefully the new year is treating you all well! In episode 170 we get down to the nitty-gritty basics. 2022 was a crazy year for GGG with tons of additions and "removals" from Path of Exile. The annual retrospective GGG post took us down some really fun paths and unexpected conversations. It's amazing how much content gets put out in four leagues! And, no matter how long you've been playing the game, there's always a little room for a Eureka moment or two. As always, thanks for hanging out with us! We really appreciate you and we can't wait to spend another year together! Stay safe!

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Welcome to Forever Exiled. I'm Justin Na tags. And I'm 

Tyler Wrecker of Days. Hi. 

Hi. Episode 170  of Forever Exiled. We're back to our normal routine of which other people would 

recording not know that we weren't in our normal routine, but we're back in our normal routine 

coming out now every week on Sunday, starting now starting 169 episodes ago, like hundred and so yeah, 

nah, that's better.



Year everyone. Happy New Year. Yeah, that's right. We only said Happy New Year and after dark last week. So last week. Hopefully everybody enjoyed the episode with Rishi. That was a ton of fun and uh, if you haven't heard it, make sure you go back and listen to it cuz uh, he was a ton of fun. He's a game designer with grinding gear games, who makes the game path of exile and uh, we had a ton.

Chatting with him. Yeah, it was really 

cool hearing what he had to say. It was an awesome interview. Mm-hmm.  

Happy day 

though. Not like, I'm not saying like it was awesome from our part. Like it was awesome. Happy were we were great. Lots of fear, . We were, no, he was just ton of fun. Very awesome with his information and very funny.

And so, yeah, no, we had a great time learning about his job and not a great comments and, and what he does as a game designer, people who have 

listened to it, people loved it. So go check it out. Uh, big shout out to some UBS for Patreon this week. If you're not part of our Patreon, make sure you check it out.

But, uh, thank you to everybody who supports the podcast through our Patreon. Patreon gets you access to After Ark, which is our podcast after the podcast, where it's just more of us more talking. Yep. And, uh, it's clothing optional. Yep. You, you get a card, you get a sticker. You know, if you're not a Paton, go check it out.

You may as well. You just, you may as well . But anyway, after dark, uh, uh, we do that every week as well. So that's what Paton gets you access to. And I don't know, maybe there's other stuff, but that's the main thing. Sticker card and more us. It's a win all around. How was your, what did we talk about? How was your Christmas, all the stuff we talked about?

Did we talk about, have we talked about, 

I think we might have done like Christmas, uh, in after dark Christmas 

news and after dark. How was all your stuff? How was your Christmas and New Year's? Well, yeah, 

because of our interview, we haven't done like a normal catch up for a couple weeks. We've seen each other in person, which is kind of gross, but, oh, I don't know.

Things have been, uh, things have been good. I think we've already like caught up on Christmas and everything and things have been good. I thought this was gonna be the reveal year though. You know what I'm saying? Oh, what do you mean the big reveal? Uh, well, let's just say my son sent a lot of letters to Santa this year.

Oh yeah. And. Uh, now with us, with Canada Post, they actually have like a section on Canada Post. Yeah. Where it's like, okay, so how do you send letters to Santa? Yep. And they prefer that if you have like 50 letters per Santa, that you just put them all into one big envelope. Mm-hmm.  and then send them and then Santa will reply.

Yeah. Based on the letters. Santa for you's. Really cool. So anyway. Santa accidentally misspelled our last name. Oh, no. Uh, coming back, I, I thought, I thought maybe one of them would've brought it up, but nobody did or cared. And then unhelpful. Apparently my son . I know right? They wrote down our name wrong.

And then, uh, what else happened? Oh yeah. So my son sent a whole bunch of letters. Mm-hmm.  in this big envelope. And he was excited and he didn't want us to know he's, he didn't care that we knew or not because you know, he knows he's gonna get something, right. Mm-hmm. , right? Santa. So anyway, he shows us and uh, later on, like after I'm like, so did Santa get you anything that you wanted?

And he's like, Nope. . Oh, but they still had a great Christmas. It was like a fine note because he's like satisfied and he's having a great time playing with all of his new stuff. But Santa didn't get him what was on his list specifically. And so I asked him for a couple examples and uh, I wrote down one of them.

A whole bunch of them were like this though. Yeah. Uh, so for you Eldon ring players, . Oh, great. He wanted a morgo, the fellow omen stuffy. 

Wow. Santa would've had a hard time finding 

that. And, and then he wanted a hole, like he listed so many dark souls, Eldon ring bosses, but he wanted stuffy versions of them.

So he was allowed to play with them at bedtime. Mm-hmm. , because at bedtime Right. He was send 'em to bed around seven 30. Yep. Sometimes eight, depending on how much we're reading to them, whatever. But their lights have to be out at eight 30. And that time in between, from when we send them to bed and then to lights out, they are, they can either play with their stuffies or read books.

Sure. That's it. Mm-hmm. , that's all they can do. And so he obviously wants everything in stuffy forms so he can have it. Yeah. He's gonna play with it in his bed and he can play with it. And so anyway, there was a ton, like imagine, imagine actually seeing a Mor Gott. The fellowman stuffy. That would be awesome.

Or like some of the, some of the like dungeon bosses at the end of is some of the bosses at the end of Dungeons and Alvin ring that are like all creepy and dripping. One where you can like pull this arm 

off of it and another thing comes up, . That's 

right. It's, Hey, that's exactly like Eor. His tail is always detachable.

Totally. What's the difference? Right. Or if you get like, who's the, who's the first real boss? The second boss? You fight in the castle at the beginning, cuts his arm off. Yeah. Wouldn't that be cool if it was like a detachable arm puts on the 

fire or something he can just swap. That's 

so anyway, get on it El I'm surprised.

I'm surprised this wasn't the review year for us, considering what I discovered was on the list after the fact. No. So, but anyway, Santa's gonna 

show up next year, I guess. That's awesome. Santa comes every year. Every year. Well, that's good. Yeah. My kids, uh, wrote Santa as well. One of the two got a card back and so one of the two, one of, yeah.

So it just must have gotten lost in the mail. Just must have gotten misplaced. 

That must be what happened. Yep. One of them must have just gotten lost. Yeah. Did they spell your name 

correctly? Yeah, I don't, I, yeah, I think so. I didn't. Who was the lucky recipient? Maya got one. Sophia didn't. Oh. The older 

one didn't.

All right. And uh, they were fine. How was Sophia? Oh, what? Oh yeah. She was good about it. She was a blast. Yeah. When I saw her, she was so fun. Both your daughters of course were just hilarious when, uh, they came to answer the door When I came over for New Year's. Mm-hmm. . 

Oh, they were having some fun too. We had some friends over, had lots and lots of drinks and uh, that was a lot of fun.


at a bar. Justin, Justin and his wife created their own bar with their own drinks. I mean, oh, we have a bar 

we created. Yeah. Drink menu. Of mixed drinks 

and they laminated it and everything. It was like 15 drinks on that thing. And Justin insisted on make, of course. Mm-hmm.  and making Well, yeah. Well we had 18, so  and then they insisted on making the drinks for us.

So they would just, you know, there'd be a whole bunch of laminate stuff. Everybody has one. They just like shove up their hand in the middle of whatever kind of drunk conversation we're having about politics or video games or whatever and interrupt it. It was the most important thing. Justin, I want this.

He's like, okay. Coming right up leaves, no matter how in they did, had names they did with the ingredients on there in case you had allergies and Yep. 

I put those in there. Although fantastic people could just go and pour their own drinks too, cuz some people just, I think you just had scotch. I don't remember.

I tried 

bourbon. Oh, okay. I had bourbon. Yep. Hoping that they didn't have any wheat in that one, but it was, um, it was funny. I left at the right time. That was good. That's a good one. Yes, it was. It is very good. But I left at the right time. I left, uh, what, 10 30 maybe. I don't even even know what time it was.

Shortly after I left is when the, the drunk pictures started coming through group chat. So 

who was sending drunk pictures? I didn't, I actually never saw any pictures. . I wasn't drunk. . 

Well, I wasn't drunk. You're, you're, you're in them. So definitely check a couple of the group chats. Maybe it 

was a group chat I'm not a part of.

No, you have to Your sent it. 

Well, we're in a lot of chats. 

Oh, there was one. You're right. But the mostly know lingerie chats there, there was, everybody was drinking pretty heavily. Uh, everyone except myself and Ryan got sick. That was there.  got sick. No, not, not all. Like once, but 

no, of course. It's not like they time it out somewhere on 

the count of three, somewhere the next morning.

But yeah, it was, uh Oh, crazy. There was a lot of alcohol. Even Christina. Yep. Yep. Dang. First time in forever, but, uh, wow. Yeah. No, it was for everyone. Fun. We had a good time. New Year's was fun. Christmas was fun. It was, uh, it was good. It was a good time. I tried as much not to work between Christmas and New Year, so that was nice.

And then, uh, did you actually succeed in your time? Not entirely, but I was a bit of a dick to people. If they were asking me questions or wanted stuff, I was like, no, you can talk to me in the new year. I'm not dealing with some of the stuff right now. But it was good. Played a lot of path of exile. Good, good.

Out with the kids and the family and, um, I have to say, our, I was gonna bring this up. Our discord is hilarious. Like I have to thank, it's the best. Everybody that's in there best. Yeah. If you're not part of it, you should check it out because it's a big P oe community, but it's people who are very like-minded and so there's not, there's not drama, there's no nastiness.

Everybody's having a good time. But I was scrolling through it this, this past week, and I ha, besides all the other stuff that was a lot of fun to read, I saw a conversation about KitchenAid and like, which, How like, which KitchenAid, because we have one of them too. Like one of those big mixer things for like, oh, you're talking mixers.

Right, right, right. Yeah. And just reading that set of conversation though, I was like, this is why our discord is the best. Cuz we have . I mean it's in a different channel, but I just love the fact that there's people chatting about, like, it just goes to show, we already know our demographic is primarily 35 to 55.

We have, we have some outliers in the 25 to 35 for sure, and then also in the 55 and up, but 35 to 55 and our Discord shows. It just, it, I love that we're having conversations about like, which KitchenAid, we've got people talking about what smokers they use for like . It's just I mm-hmm. . I freaking love it.

It's so much fun 

that food channel's nice and busy. It's awesome. Yeah. But there's pets, there's like pictures of people from around the world where they go it's, it's a lot of fun. It's a lot of fun educational 

and there's P oe stuff so I, anyway, just big shout out. Very, very busy Poe channel. Everybody's who, who's on our discord cuz you make it a lot of fun to read.

Hmm. So that, I guess we can pretty much wrap up our stuff. That's good. That's our week. We had a great holiday. 

Look at that. That's like a world record for all you, uh, GRTs who don't like real life conversation. Yeah. My guess is that's gonna be, we're at around 11 15, 11 20 of non edited time. I'm guessing that's gonna go down to like 10 minutes, 10 30.


quite. There hasn't been too much silence, but, uh, I have to take out all your racial slurs. But after that, , I thought I had more that I was gonna bring up, but I think that's, I think that's pretty much, pretty much good. I think it was a, it was a good, it was a good set of two weeks. Kids had a good time.

I was so happy when they went back to school. They were too. And now we're back into the norm. We are back. We are, 

it, it's nice to not be, be sick. We had mm-hmm.  about one-ish. My kids are sick the week before school. Right. So then they got better just before Christmas. So it was about two weeks cuz we have a two week Christmas break here from school.

Mm-hmm.  in elementary school anyway. And, um, yeah, so they were sick for about two weeks. They only got about a week of not being sick. And I'm like, great. Yeah. Now they're not sick, but now they're going back to school. It's coming back. Parents are just gonna like shuffle their kids back at school and they're, how, how they're feeling.

So my kids are gonna be sick again next week probably. But yeah, we 

thankfully didn't have any sickness through the holiday either, which was nice. And it was good. It was a good, it was a good holiday. It was fun. And now I'm glad it's done. Yeah. Back to normal. So what are we gonna do back, we gonna talk about this week in Poe already.

I feel like we're moving too quick here. Let's 

do it. Let's do it though. I know this isn't right. Let's, this isn't right, but anyway.  community stuff. There was quite a lot. And again, I still haven't had a chance for us, we're hosting for the holidays. Mm-hmm. , my wife's parents are staying with us for a few weeks and, and That's awesome.

We're, we're getting along great. We're spending time, we're getting time to ourselves. Like it's just, it's a fantastic visit, but it just, all that extra spare time that I would normally do to squeak in some maps, it's not happening. And so I've, I've played maybe once this week. I think I got in two good sessions the week before, so I haven't been able to play too much.

Uh, but that also means that when it comes to, like, I remember the streamer interview that happened, I think it was two weeks ago now, but I didn't get Yeah, yeah, because we had the interview last week, so two weeks ago that I mentioned it, but I never got around to reading that streamer interview. And now I'm really behind because they came up with two streamer interviews this week, and apparently they're buds because they referenced each other a few times in each of them, but I didn't get a chance to update their check out those ones.

So, but they have, they had, they interviewed p Deron Pran. Hmm. And Trilar Bear. So anyway, I'll, I'll, I'll check those out in a bit, but, sorry, I have no comments on those right now. I assume you didn't check 'em out. 

No, I didn't. You know, I, I noticed though they forgot to put, uh, our interview with Rishi in there, so I think, uh, that must have just been an oversight.

I didn't see it in the community section.  just 

must have forgot. That's all right. That's all right. And then, uh, there's still, uh, season 11 for Build of the Week is showing up and they just random, well, not randomly. I mean, they'll check out, 

but they check the build season 11. Is it the 11th one or the 11th league?

They've done them for. What does that mean? I 

don't know if they limit it to a league, but it's the second, or it's the 11th session of them. So now they're gonna pick, I don't know whether it's three, four, or five that they'll reveal like once a week for a little bit. 

So it's the 11th time they've done, uh, build of the Week, is that No, 

it's the 11th time they're gathering together a group of build of the weeks.

Okay. And then, I don't know if it goes for a month or what until Interesting. Okay. Once a week they'll put out a build. Cool. Anyway, so if you guys are interested, their seasons, 

just their seasons make as much sense as their point ones and point twos to us. To me,  to me, anyway. That's cool though that they're doing it.


yeah. And so they just take them from the actual, their website where the guides are 

posted on their website. Oh, is that where they take them from? Cool. 

Yeah. So they check them all out. Hmm. Which gotta be kind of, kind of nuts. I, I really miss's a bit of word writing. I really miss guide writing. Yeah.

And then the Hideout Showcase was amazing to watch. I didn't look there. I'm like, how do people do that? How on earth do people. 

Oh, it's a video. Dang. Now pictures off later. Don't have any pictures. There's there links to each one. Here's a list. Dot hai files are available for download in the corresponding form threads.

All right, perfect.

Yeah. I didn't see if they were like paid versions that look good or all default vanilla versions, but either way they look fantastic. That's awesome. Yeah. Sweet. But I don't think I had anything else to say about that because I didn't get to read any of the community interviews. Unfortunately. I mean, no offense by that, but tis the season to be busy and host for the holidays.

Mm-hmm. . So 

I know both those names. I just don't know exactly who they are, but I have heard both of those names 

before. Pretty sure I'm saying trilar bear properly, 

but, and then pone. That's how it, oh, pone. I 

think that's how it's pester. Yep. No E Justin 

Ps. Yep. That. 

So here, here's what I always enjoy. When you meet people from like that speak English, but they're from different parts of the country or the world, the which vowels they emphasize.

Mm-hmm. , pone. Pone, or pone or, or all of them. See pone. It's like, that's that's right. I'm supposed to be emphasizing the end of my sentences, aren't I? Well, 

not emphasizing, but just not trailing off. That's all. 

So, uh, you wanna get started 

on mtx. It's not about yelling, it's just about consistency. What did they do for mtx?

Oh yeah, they gave away a thing. My box. Yeah. Thank you. Did you get, what'd you give for Ramirez? Do you know? 

I don't remember the console one, or maybe I don't remember the PC one. I got boots for one of '

em. I got the one that's the like jellyfish that goes around you, which I was like, oh, cool, cool. These jellyfish.

But then I realized that they're actually only really, I mean, they, they have the look, they're there, but they're effect is only when you use a lightning skill. And I'm not using any lightning skill, so I just have these big jellyfish floating around me. Hmm. 

But I, I now jellyfish remind me of Den Ring all the time.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. That's all the time. Awesome. Because it's one of the first summons you can get, and they're kind of around special places and mm-hmm. , things like that. So I always think Eldon ring now when I see them. But yeah. Thanks. Gig, g e for the free happy Holidays. Mtx. Mm-hmm. . That's cool. And then they, of course, that was from the, oh no, that was the Sancta mystery box, not the Colandra one, right?

Mm-hmm. , the colan one's now available for everyone to buy 

stuff. Was there? Yeah. It was cool that it was from this one. That's, I like that. Mm, mm-hmm.  

and the what is Oh yeah. Some concept art from the, uh, vault pass. Mm-hmm.  and what 

else? There was another one in there which you can buy on our nexus. If you don't have the Keurigs vault pass, you can get it on our nexus.


And it doesn't cost too long.  plug. That's awesome. Uh, you know what I discovered though? Uh, that, uh, the, um, our nexus is PC only. Yes. It doesn't link to console. That's right. Yep. That's racist. But anyway. 

Well, nobody plays console, 

was it aist, I guess is what you say, like sexist, racist, yeah.

Demographic. It's definitely word list. Yeah. So anyway, uh, but, uh, so anyway, yeah, concept art for Keurig's Vault Pass. I really like that. I like seeing cuz that's like the original, like how idea and it doesn't always, like, it's not always something you can do, but I love seeing, so this wa hence, I dunno, does, is it the same person that.

Actually does that drawing, that also makes the model that goes into the game. Is it the same person? Is it a different team? So, I don't know. I, I like that being naive. I enjoy being naive about that. Mm-hmm.  though, it'd also be cool to learn about it, but did you see, okay, okay. Okay. 

Proximity hideout decorations.

I was like, oh, Tyler will love this. 

Well, kind of 

proximity. Is it not like canola? You can watch the video. Watch the video. No, I don't wanna do that. I can Wait. Wait. Why does it just look like a sheen of light? Hold on, I'm not gonna watch the video, but let me just watch the video. I'll wait. Okay. Not as cool as I was hoping, but it's still cool

So anyway. Yeah, I'm hoping for like the, in the vowel temple, you know, when you're going up in act two, that's what I like when you to like the proximity lamps or 

lanterns and stuff. When we talk about our week in poe, I'm going to tell you about a map that will become your new favorite map and it has those, okay.


Is it right while 

huggable? Uh, a hundred percent. It's, it's when I tell you about it and how I have it all set up, you're gonna love it. I already got Josh on it with 

these, um, with these proximity lights. I didn't think they looked fantastic, but it's nice that they're just more like a globe to try and buy them.

And it didn't seem to work properly. Like I went to like buy edition or version and it, it wasn't going so maybe I was trying it too quickly after it came out. Mm-hmm. But anyway, yeah, I'd like it to be attached to something. Yeah. I wanna see a candle 

or like a, something turn on as I walk 

by, but I'm sure there's some cool ideas out there that would really benefit from, from that.

We know they have. That's pretty good. So it's coming. That's right, it's coming. Now we know those lanterns are coming or whatever those torches are. Yeah. Uh, MTX four Canon Volley as well. Um, ah, there's something else I wanted to say. What was. Oh, right. So this is kind of a spoiler, so I'm not gonna say anything else about the boss, but did you see the concept art for the final boss of sanctum?

I don't think it's a spoiler alert at this point. We're, well, 

when they posted it, which was quite recent, they said, if you don't want to know what the boss looks like Oh. Or anything like this is the picture. So they had it under spoiler, but, so I haven't seen it. I'm not gonna see it. I'm not playing the actual league mechanic anymore.

So good though. I think I only did for the first week, but oh my goodness. What a wicked 

looking boss. It's really cool too, because that boss, the way that the sanct works is you fight the, in that picture that they have, you fight the top version of the boss in that picture first. And then if you choose to go into the beyond portal, then you fight the second version of the boss.

Really? Yeah. And so, hang on. So let me load that then. Yeah. So when you're fighting it, you're fighting, it's like Lucia or something, that's the name of the, the boss. Oh, careful, careful. Everyone knows that she talks too late to you through the whole thing, and that's not part of their spoiler. But, uh, that's who you fight as the final boss of the sanct in part.

But then when you actually beat her in the end, the second version of her like pulls out of her skin, and that's where you get a portal to the beyond. And if you go in there and fight her, the benefit is you can get sanctified relics, unique relics, and unique items that only she can draw. But if she kills you, and at this point, it's not based on resolve, it's actually based on your life.

If she kills you, you lose all of your sanctum rewards that you would've gotten. So you can choose to not fight her and just go get all your rewards. Let's say you had like a bunch of divs, divines that were waiting for you. Or you can fight her, kill her, and get a bunch of extra stuff and still get your stuff.

But if you die to her, you lose all of your stuff that's waiting for you in the Sanct. 

Listen, this game's all about the loot. I love it. But if you're not taking that extra, yeah, let's go do that. I lost my fun per hours. Like half I lost. I have to go do the boss 

to her once because I was, I had not had any trouble.

And then I just did something stupid and she killed me and I lost my, I had four Divines waiting for me. If it's not 

a six 

portal fight, no, it's a one shot. If she kills you once, you lose it all. Oh. Cause it's just, it's just like, it's just part of the sanctum. As soon as you die, you're the Sanct mens, so dang.

It's fine. Well, 

you know what? Good for you. I'm proud of you for losing those Divines. Obviously not on purpose, but you went for the Pinnacle Boss and you know what, that is a way cooler version of one of my favorite Dark Souls Two bosses. Hmm? You remember that boss in Dark Souls two, the wheelchair guy?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. You have to meet him three times. You go down, you do this stuff, and then one of the craziest fights ever. Very cool though. And we're very well timed. No idea what this boss bite is like, but this is very, uh, it's like the cooler version. 

Yeah. It's a, it's a cool, cool fight. I can't say I know too much about the, uh, mechanics of it, cuz my goal is just to kill it fast so I get all my stuff so I, I just run in circles.

Yep. Seems to work. Sounds like minion in the stuff and running in circles. , right? That's right. All 

right. Uh, there were two hot fixes as well, which super duper. Mm-hmm. . It's good stuff. And I'd actually, I was start, so I was starting to write down like copying and pasting, kind of like, you know, how I do for my notes and stuff like that.

Mm-hmm. , uh, I was copying and pasting some of the points that I wanted to remember or make with this. And it ended up that I was copying and pasting almost everything. So why don't we just go through this. This is the, uh, 2022 last year's retrospective of GG g. Just kind of important form everything they did last year.

Okay. Yep. We're going through it 

point by 

by point. Well, not like point by point, but yeah. 

Point by point. What's the difference between point by point or point by point? No, 

I don't want it to take too long, but it's all cool stuff and some of it made me laugh out loud, so, okay. Like, so obviously they launched the four thingy things, right?

Cj, d, Atlas, Sentinel, Colan. Remember Sentinel? That was great. Mm-hmm. , like Colandra, forbidden, sanctum. They broke their concurrent record for players playing simultaneously again at 270,000. I like how they worded this Zanna disappeared just in time for four elder cores to attack. Mm-hmm. . What would've she done?

What did she do before? And it makes it seem like she's coming back. She's 

definitely coming back at some point. 

This was huge. The, I really like these because you kind of forget how recent some of these changes are, because of course stuff. Yeah. Right. Within the year they rehauled the, the overhauled the Atlas, transforming it from four separate regions.

To just one big region. Best change, change they made all year. Uh, amazing though. Wonder, that's my favorite change. I don't, don't think many people would argue with you. There's a lot of things that you can love about their changes, but to me I'd agree with you. 

That one's pretty amazing. Is the best. Yeah.


Uh, within this year, the gem and flask, St. Tabs came in, which I love those, but like, that was a while ago. Are you looking at the next one? Spoil. 

Don't. I'm not going to, but I spoil. Didn't notice spoil Don't spoil it. I didn't read this very much. So,  

the gem and flash, the gem and flask tabs are only a year old.

And I'm very appreciative of those because, well, no, I'm, I'm a, I'm a, I'm a, I'm a, I'm a minor recipe guy. So all those 10% and above gems and flasks, easy to throw them into a thing. Cool. So it's nice, it's nice. Uh, loved this one. You wanna read the next two? 

What's the combination of the two? That's funny.

They said we added arch nemesis to the game. We removed arch nemesis from the game. . 

Just two, two sentences. 

Periods. You get Victor Borger 

reading that and it's like, with his periods. Yeah. That's, that was awesome. Mm-hmm. , uh, really glad for that. Second. Glad See you go. Mm-hmm.  still very happy. Yep. Love, love the concept.

Love the ideas we've mentioned, but really awesome. Just didn't like it to see that version of the execution gone. And I really like what they currently have and I am still finding, I, I know you're like always very or not, you always have your defense and offense figured out very well, but you're always way more offensive than I am in terms of your total damage output, but I'm still finding some of the rares to be quite a pain in the butt.

Totally. And I like that. Yep. Yep. So, yeah, definitely not, um, the majority, but it's, it's still enough for me to enjoy and appreciate some easy and some very difficult, rare encounters. I 

at least haven't found them though, to be where they are, the difficult ones to be in the same level of what some of the difficulty was with arch nemesis, where it was just like n I would run past them.

Some of them were so ridiculous in arch nemesis that I was like, I'll, I can't kill this. Yes. Will not be worth killing this. So 

yeah, I still, I do get that with, um, the occasional rogue exile because I've invested into rogue exiles and torments and, but that wouldn't be impacted by n and I do get that with some rogue metamorphs as well.

Just some stuff where I can't move the health bar at all. So anyway, um, ke Ex's Vault Pass came out this year, which is kind of cool. Hosted a thrilling Kill boss event for Siege of the Atlas. 

Yep. Then they did one for Sentinel, for like Alondra. Mm-hmm.  

and, and don't we love those boss kill events? Justin Don't.

We love for, I hope they go listen to that private league or I really like them. 

Keep it. I think they're really fun. Just limit your 

private leagues based on them, that's all. 

Uh oh yeah. They added Uber versions of bosses. I 

remember doing one, I did Uber Eater of Worlds because I was like, Eater's easy.

I've actually had, this was last league. I was like, I have no problem. I may as well try the Uber version. Nope. It was mean . Why? Why? 

I know that they add, like there's even new mechanics that they add too. Yeah, there's new 

mechanics. They do their mechanics more often and they have more power and I could not.

Mm-hmm. Hi. His like, yeah, I don't remember what it was specifically, but he kicked my ass. I would like to try them again though, but I don't know if I have a, I don't know if my builds strong enough to live through it. I think I could do the damage, but anyway. 

I love that because there was already an Uber elder,

There's Uber, Uber, Uber elder. Yeah. 

That's awesome. That's right. Uh, you, they made it so you could have multiple influences on a map this past year. Neat. Uh oh yeah. The challenge rewards system got a major overhaul. Really? Really cool. That's pretty cool for most people. Yep. I do like that. I absolutely love how they show you the rewards in game.

Mm-hmm. . It's not just a check box. Yeah, it's armor. I 

do like that a lot. And it's armor, which is such a good change. 

Yeah. Very, very cool. They expanded the office. Cool. Where they are. I like seeing those pictures. I don't know, I like the backend stuff. Like I get really excited for our GG employee interviews.

I get excited to see their pictures and what they're doing, so I like that kind of stuff. Oh yeah, the mangled text bug. Mm-hmm. . It's old school now, so it's only what people, oh, remember when that kind of bug. But yeah, they fixed it. And congratulations again to the employee that finally did that. That bug was in the game for what, since 2016?



me, best change To me the best change. Maybe second, maybe first text. Yeah. Okay. No, . The, oh, adding official controller support for PC changed my com. My com ah, changed everything. Yeah. If I was still still doing guide writing, it would've dramatically changed how I limited my guides and stuff like that, so that was really cool for me.

Hmm. Oh. We announced X Excel Con, they announced X Excel Con 2023. Mm-hmm.  And I clicked on that link cuz that's a link and uh, they are gonna have the beta date announced there. 

Oh, cool. Yeah. Oh, that's interesting. Hmm mm-hmm.  

path of XL two and Mobile. Can't wait for mobile. It's weird. They're still 

on that.

Be sweet. Yep. You'll be able to play it and then you can meet people and stuff. Merchandise store. So basically, yeah, it's like, it's still, it's like the one evening, so it's, you know, the morning, afternoon of one day and then the morning, afternoon to the next day. Cool. So yeah, looking forward to those reveals And the beta date.

That's exciting. Hopefully it's not like a three year beta. Mm-hmm. , I closed. 

All right. We revealed Colandra, the Mr. Yes. Entity behind the mirror of Colandra. Yeah. Mm-hmm. . I introduced Atlas memories. Hey, that's exciting. What do you, 

what do you Meg about that? That was 

awesome. It's, it's just the league. It was a crappy league to do it.

I know it was a sucky league, but 

that's still 

really cool. Nerd Lady mirrors this league is one of the best leagues they've released in forever. This should have been quite wise. 

Well, the mechanical itself isn't for everybody. 

Um, I think it's growing. Even myself, I hated it in the beginning. It is really good once you actually start getting into it.

But the core of the game's amazing. Okay. Alice Memories, . I wanna like them so bad. I really want to like them. I love the idea of them. I love how they work. I hate that it's not a story, right? It's not a continuous, they're, I, it not even an end. There's not an end. There's not, it's not like Kerik says something different to you when you finally complete it.

I, it drives me nuts that I get the exact same. Yep. There's some incredible story readers on their team. I don't get why it's just one paragraph for all three to five maps that I'm playing. Like I want it to progress. I'm actually reading that and then I'm just going, oh, it's the same stuff. And then when you're done, that's, they don't even, they don't, they don't like reminisce or like nothing.

It's just over, I just seen Right. It's, there's such 

a, it's, it's weird to call it a memory when there's not a lot of effort put I, sorry. I don't know if there was a lot of effort put in, but from our standpoint, when it's the same thing over and over and everything that Justin just said, it's weird to call it a memory.


literally just, why not call it photograph memory sentence, two sentences. Like 

why, why bother With that version of the lore explaining stuff, you could have called it like 

a thought Keurig's thought. Kerick, Kerick, 

Keurig's Adventure or something, and you have like, so now they're going on four things and then you don't have to worry about like that kind of stuff.

But it yeah, you're right. If you're gonna do, it's because it's called a memory. Yeah. You get excited for discovering more about this memory. It has, has nothing. So it, it does give that excitement of, okay, I'm gonna find out about this Kerick memory. Mm-hmm.  and everything that he's adding to the circumstance.

Yeah. Not both, but one cool thing I saw on Reddit, and my apologies, Reddit individual for not writing your name down, but, uh, somebody had, I think it was like four different memories that were all Yeah. The same final destination. It's all pretty, yeah. But there's even the detail, gig g put the details in there of like the, it has like small animations where it's like moving around a little bit and they all have different colors, but it's all like, it's not like a messy.

Overlap. It's a designed overlap so that it looks they's good happen with many different That's cool. 

Yeah. I really, I just wanna know if that shows up on the Atlas thing, on your, on the, the hideout. I trained with one person who had that hideout and I was like, oh my God, I love your hideout. But I forgot to ask that.

I should have, I should have asked that. I even said to you, you're gonna here for a minute, . I just walked around. That's awesome. No, I don't, I don't think so. I would love to, but at American to Canadian dollar change, it's a tough sell. It's a tough sell for just the Hai Oak. Cause that's, that's really all I want.

Well, it's what, 450 American? Four 80 American. So it's like almost $6 Canadian 

billion dollars. Canadian. Yeah. Mm-hmm. . I wonder like somebody goes into your ra to your hide out for a trade and they're like, really? You're only at like 60 outta one 15? What have you been doing? What's wrong with you? The one guy?

You some help for that? No, I off. Thanks for the trade kick . 

You can't get, you can't kiss somebody outta your IDO though. 

No, but if you kick them from your party, depending, cuz you can have those different permissions, like anybody in your HAI note can use your portal. Only party members can use, use your portal.

They can stay 

there forever. Use your portal. If they don't close the game, they're never leaving, 

they can, but just think about all the Atlas judgment you could get if you're not a fast progressing player like myself. You come in for the trade and they're like really ? 

Wow. Wow. This will look a lot better when you fill it.

That's right. . You have the option to turn it off until it's done . 

Or maybe, maybe you'll get some freebies stuff like, you know what, here's an extra 10 seat here. Go buy yourself some basing equipment together. That's right, that's right. Uh, that's funny. Anyway, that one, that one's really cool. A awesome that we got on that from the memories cuz uh, anyway, uh, they added trial master fight back in.

That's right. I really liked, that's the two trial master. So there's the trial master that's extremely derogatory. Love that guy. I love. There's that one portal. 

Yeah, I have it. The night portal where he like Right. Either cheers you or, so that would've been, it was a different path. That's right. 


Welcome back Exile. Yeah. Uh, that one. Yeah, that's right. And then what else is there? Oh, oh right. This is irrelevant, but I just started thinking of it because of the one dude and characters and writing cure, uh, the delirium 

guy. Oh yeah. I was thinking, I, I, I 

know that kitten cat noodle told us who it was, but I forget.

But just his voice and everything he says, yeah, it's so good. But everything is your fault. Mm-hmm. , just him and the trial master. Yes, please. Gimme more, 

gimme more people. I would love to see the trial master back where you see them more often cuz they were a lot of fun and I don't even know how you fight them now.

I have, well hang how you fight the tr master currently on, let me find 

out. That doesn't really matter and don't Yeah. But I wanted to move 

on to some other things while you're doing that. We No, no, no, no, no. I want a comment of Pinnacle Rosses. Okay. Rebalance an overhaul a hundred uniques buff cleaves radius by two.

I love that. That's actually a point in here. Uh, banish the bandit beyond. 

Hey, you're, you're, I'm not, I'm not listening. You gotta stop the 

demonic horrors from skirting. Okay. Hang on. 

Oh, I love, yes, I love, I love that joke that made me laugh. Buffed, cleave by radius of plus two out of all the changes they added that, that's hilarious.

And I do love that one where we were talking about that just a couple weeks ago, cause I forgot about it. But they got rid of the bandit beyond demons and replaced them with scour that I 

really like that change a lot. It's fun when a boss comes out of there. Yeah. Uh, life force for harvest. That's cool.

Change, especially for people who like harvest. Harvest to me, just, I don't touch it. It's too much. It's like taking the crafting bench and then putting it on crack and just throwing you a big giant list. If you don't know the crafts, it's a really tough thing to get into. Mm. Cause 

chaos. And I do like the life force change.

I know outside of what crafts were removed or not. Uh, I do like the idea of life force in 

general. Yep. Yep. That's what I was saying. I just don't like Yeah. Harvest for that. Uh, cause chaos in the standard economy by subtly changing what divine orbs and exalted orbs are valued at, uh, subtly is not true.

It was not subtle at all. . It was a very big shift. I like it though because it is way more fun now to use an exalt. Yes. It's, it's a lot more fun to use an exalt and uh, although I do find myself still having to shift my mindset now sometimes with some uniques and some items with going like, it's not worth defining this where it used to be worth defining.

So if I got a unique that I knew I wanted and it had really low, maybe it had all like the lowest roles, I used to just be like, oh, no big deal. At least I can divine it once or twice and it's gotta be better than what it is now. It's not worth that at all. Maybe if you're playing total cell phone, Overhauled.


Trickster. Cool. Yep. Giving it a bunch of new toys. That's true. A bunch of new skills, including Val 

Cleve . Did we say 

that this was buffed by plus two? This was very important. 

Why? That's awesome. I don't get it. What's the, what's the, oh God. Now I gotta make a note of this time. Yeah. 

Sometimes people cough.

Justin. Yeah. I do a quiet, if you don't mind, . I'm not taking that one out. The 

trial master can be found in the Tower of Ordeals. Mm-hmm.  unique map, which which is not part of the bonus objectives. 

What's the map called? Tower of the 

Ordeals. And how do you get that? It cannot be chanced. You create this map by combining ultimatum 


Okay. What are those? Those are 

Uber at Zeri. Alvas Temple. Val Temple and Delve. Temple Boss 

drops. Oh, interesting. So you have to fight the Val Bosses and then combine drops from them to do it. Huh. Cool. Yes. So it's like, probably won't do it, 

but that's ultimate Val 

Boss. Yeah. That's cool. Wonder if I've ever seen the drops from the Val Temple then?

Because I don't remember. I don't remember ever seen anything special where I was like, Hey, what is that? Huh? Maybe you 

need to make your own filter. Adjust. I can make one for you. 

My filter's fine. I just, I've done the Val Temple quite a few times. This league, I don't remember seeing anything where I was like, I wonder what that is.

Hmm hmm. Interesting. Maybe it's just really rare. Well, yeah, maybe. 

Or you just need to try harder. Uh, forbidden Sanctum came out, uh, overhauled a plethora of endgame, unique weapons, including fan favorites. Mm-hmm. , like Star Forge and its series something, something. Uh oh. Yeah. Ruthless came out. That was just this league.

If you're curious about ruthless, go listen to our episode of Three Shi. He was one of the brain children behind it. Yes. 

Very passionate about it. Mm-hmm. Very passionate. Mm-hmm.  And we, we hadn't played it, but we definitely were very curious about it For sure. So we probably have as many questions as we could.

Yes, we will for sure. Teaser, come on. Probably privately even after dark. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. We should, we gotta make those choices tonight. Yep. Uh, revived our Build of the Week series. Yay. Series 11. Uh, added 49 uniques to the game. Cool. Had a whole bunch of unique winners, designed and applied their uniques to the game.

18 new currency items. 

Yeah. Some that aren't included, like three Combinators that aren't around anymore. Hmm. 

Cool. Excellent. Oh yeah, I guess still floating around on standard. Yeah. 

I would've thought that they would've had more than 2,128 lines of patch notes, but I guess that's only four patch notes. So maybe actually that's quite a bit for only.


And there was 1,861 lines of patch notes per console, which is the superior platform, and they sold over 212,000 wetas this year. How many of those were yours, ? I buy one Weta whenever it's on sale. It's on my wishlist. It does not go away. Um, I like to have grass in my hai do to wets are not big enough to be seen in the grass, so you only see them when you're outside the grass.

I really want you to get the map device that sucks them all in when you run a map. I really 

do too. How much is that? Let me, I feel like quickly 

check 1, 1 60 or 180 1 buy packs. I feel like it's somewhere around the a hundred 

dollars range. There is. It's the $1,600 pack, so it's hundred, oh, 160 bucks. 

It's like 200 bucks.

Canadian. Yeah. 

That's a lot. Oh man. Hang on. Let's see. $160 American. Sorry. By double clickings not working. Oh, $215 . Yeah. No, I value my, I value my marriage and that's not gonna happen. But I do like God, 

look, watch what happens.  

hun. They're 

trying to get away. They 

can't . All right. Now that's foreplay, right?

Like, you're just as excited about this as I am. Let's go do that. It's not right. Yeah. Mm-hmm. , but no, I, I do actually quite like the um, the armor set too, which is really cool. And the stuff that comes before it. Yep. Either way. Not gonna happen ever . Oh but man, but then, see that's the problem. If you just start, I'm sure a lot of people get into this problem, but once you start, like let's say I get the $160 one, well, to upgrade to the big one where you get the, at interactive Atlas Hideout, you're like, oh, okay.

I like that they 

do this much more. Because what it means more is over the course of, especially cuz these particular things will last for the year. These, these ones. So that, what that does mean is you could, instead of just paying 480 US dollars right now, you could go, well, you know what? I'm gonna start at this month buying this one because then it's cheaper to upgrade to each one.

Like you, you're not putting out as much. Mm-hmm. . So if you wanted to spread it out over the year, I do like that they at least have that option. But in the end it is still a lot of money. Yeah, but you know what? You 

bring it up a good point because let's say you are one of those people that are fine giving them that much money.

You, you know, let's say, and you get that the most expensive support pack this time around already, you have like five or six, whatever it is, armor sets. Mm-hmm. , right? It's so hard. And what if you did that, uh, uh, last year and the year before and you bought some of your own armor sets and you get some stuff for free, and then you're getting this and that and you get your own support packs.

Maybe each league, whatever it is, like their organization system's. So basic and minimal, which is to me is mind boggling because you're paying money and you're paying a lot of money. Like you're paying 30 bucks for a chess. Like a body armor look, an mtx and their organization system is so garbage when it comes to that.

It's just a list. I just want random list. I want random  and yeah, that's right. And then they do have the option where you can organize your mtx based on theme, but unless you have those themes memorized, so you know, like it's like, oh, that's where it is. Okay. And then you can slowly get it over. But I kind of wish there was a little bit more intuitiveness to their mtx organizational system.

The ability to hide certain portals, the ability to have a random button, the ability to see what something looks like without equipping it so that you don't have to open the menu. You know what, I actually don't like what that looks like. Okay, now let's go find these other mtx. You know, maybe you could have like sets, saved sets because certain mtx saved sets would be good.

Looks good with 

other stuff. And do you know, one thing that drives me crazy is. I paid for the mtx, but for some reason, if one of my characters has something being used as an mtx, in order to use it as an MTX for this other character that I've now created, I have to remove it from the other character who had it, which is a whole extra click.

Um, cuz you have to click it and then confirm. You wanna remove it from that person. What difference does it make? Who cares if I'm using the same chest on eight of my guys? Cause I like that chest. Why do I have to switch it? Actually agree every time. I don't understand that it can't be abused. It's my own character right?

In the game. So I I I've never understood why that has to be limited to a single one of your characters. 

I don't get it. The only thing I can think of is greed. Okay. I really like this. Well, there's no greed. You can't have two of them. So I'm, well, you can buy two, you can buy multiples of any mtx. 

You still get that Same thing though, that says that it's currently in use by this one.

If it's like an armor piece, really? So I don't understand what the diff I don't, I just don't, I don't get the idea of why that needs to exist at all. Mm-hmm. 

It, it would be nice because, for example, for me with my righteous fire character, this is one righteous fire mtx that I have and I'm always going to choose you always on it.

Mtx that specific armor set to match that. Totally. I think it's the sanctum one. No, not the sanctum. What was the, um, synthesis league? There was a synthesis pack there. Yep. That matches a really nice rf, the blue rf. Mm-hmm. , uh, mtx. So I always like having those together, but I, I like how it looks on other characters too, because it matches ice and it matches this and so, yeah.

I don't understand why in that case it has to be limited to one where I can't abuse it. They're my characters, which I can only be on one of 'em at a time. So I've never quite got why that needs to be set up in a way that you have to actually remove it from somebody. But it is what it is. Maybe p oe too, they'll fix how their mtx works cause it's a little bit, a little bit silly right now.

Hopefully, I wish those were kind of the things that they would be telling us now, though. Like to me, those aren't features or are like them now. Well, just like the, the little bit of basics, like let's say they're gonna have like a minion character screen, let's say. They're gonna have like, um, a, a place where you can, you know, like the, just those mtx improvements that we were just talking about, whether it was like set pieces or being able to try something on without actually removing it from your character in case you didn't like it, you could cancel, you know what I mean?

Mm-hmm. , you're, you're equipped Mtx. But I wish those were kind of things that they would already tell us about because the, those aren't, to me features, those are basic q o l things that you add to the game as soon as you have them. They're not, you know, p oe two isn't, unless there's a 

restrain for that.

Like, like Rishi did mention, there's some technology restraints and so some of those may not be, they may not be restrained in the same sense with p OE two. Sure. But I agree with you. Like I spent, uh, at least an hour working on animated Guardian with Josh this week cuz he'd never played it before. And trying to try for him to try and understand Howe Guardian work and the silliness behind that.

You don't know. Because he said to me, he's like, how do I know which chest I put onto him? And I'm like, you better write it down. Isn't that stupid? Or look at him very carefully and hopefully you can tell by the 3D design which one it is. Right. You have to write it down. 


And he was like, oh man, I can't remember one I put on it.

And yeah. I mean, anime guardian, you're typically using uniques. It makes the most sense, but it's still silly that there is no way to see what you've currently equipped on. Yeah. But 

it is a strong guy. Like if you're using it for offense, it is a strong mm-hmm.  it is strong. So sometimes it, like if you are using it for some secondary damage, it's worth putting on just a decent rare, I know there's other ones that are be for brother 

things, but yeah, I think in any case it's always beneficial to the unique because you get the benefit of the unique, but it's still, there should be something.

Mm-hmm. That at least tells you. What you're doing and like even making a UI where if I swap the chest out, I understand that the other one will be deleted, that's fine. Sure. But at least they'll show me what they are. 

Yeah. And and that's kind of my point though. Even if those things are restricted to the technology coming in p oe too, those are like basic q o l things you wish could exist in your game.

To me, those aren't things that you wait as a reveal, you know? Maybe that's why massive reveals, maybe they just wanna build it all out. I should. Well that would dishearten me for poe too. If those very small, basic things are reveals, that means to me that there's not much else to reveal for poe too. No, that's, that's 

not true.


Like, let me, let me put it this way. It. If it's something where someone says, oh man, about time. Mm-hmm. , that's not something you wanna wait until the very end to reveal stuff like ascends and skills and level layouts and the randomness of their campaign that they talked about. That's P oe two stuff for me.

These like little basic things like the MTX stuff that we were just talking about, or the minion screens that we're talking about when you know that's gonna happen, like time that host don't, but that doesn't need people until X. It 

does though. Or it needs to wait till closer to release. Because if you tell people, let's say they've known for like the last two years, that's a bit frustrating for the player to know that it is gonna come in PO OE two.

But I've been told so far in advance that I still like, at least in this sense, if you hold it all to the reveal, then it's all done. You know, you're getting everything you can get excited about it versus getting excited about it and being like, well, who the hell knows when that's gonna even be out anyway?

So I can see why they would hold onto stuff. 

That's, I, I disagree with that one. To me, that's a personality thing. Like if you know something's coming great. And if you know that the technology are restricted to P OE two, well it's like, okay, it's, then it's the same thing as telling people two years in advance that P OE two is coming.

It's the same 

thing. Well, you know, p OE two is coming. That one's easy. But if you actually start getting into like the details of what is gonna be coming with it, I think it's better to hold onto that until you can actually, I would rather them not actually reveal almost anything until they give me a date.

Cuz I found the P oe two reveal at Exile Con in 2019, as cool as it was. And they did their little nuance things like, oh, you click a single button and all your auras turned. But, but we found that out. So like, it, it got to a point where, where you and I were talking and I was like, I don't give a shit anymore until there's a date for P OE two.

So I know what you're saying. It would be nice, I would love to hear that it's coming, but I can understand why they would hold onto it if maybe because in July they are actually announcing, if they were releasing a beta date, you would assume that we're also getting a P OE two official release date.

Yeah, I would assume 

it's the last XL com before the release. Mm-hmm. . So anyway, yeah, like I've, I've praised many times how Bethesda released, I think it was follow four, it was coming within six months. Like there wasn't gonna be another E three for them to announce between, it was just, Hey, it's coming out and it's coming out in November.

And you're like, what? It's in June. It's already June. I, my goodness. Like I like that. I like that. And I, I know that's not what GG G did here, but if you are gonna have that long list, if you're going to do teaser, you make it the minor teasers, not the major teasers. You don't save minor teasers for the end.

That's my thing. 

I still want them to release P OE two the day after they announce it at Excon, just so that Oh, wouldn't that be great? 

With the exception of them saving the beta 

date. But that's gotta be, I'm just saying that's for something else.  , that's, that's the mobile beta. That's right. Yeah. Anyway, maybe they'll release the mobile.

That would be fun. If they're like, and you can download it now in the Play store, 

that'd be cool because then you're not screwing over people that are 

actually in New Zealand. Mm-hmm. . Although they may not pay much attention for the rest of your conference, but , yeah. Everybody's zombie people like 

cursing each other or whatever it is.

Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Yeah, yeah. No, that'd be fun. Um, you play this week, you said you played a lot and you were dealing with Josh. Did you really? Tons. 

I played a lot. Happy week. Yep. Especially. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well you revamped your character. You're not doing 

rf. I'm not doing rf, I'm doing uh, totems. I knew I wanted to go totems cause I wanted to focus on totems.

I ended up going with consecrated totems. I don't remember. Somebody told me to, to try it out. So I started playing around with A P O B and, okay, so first off, I gotta say Patha building. I love Patha building. I know you have like your POE planner stuff, which is fine, but, or not P oe. Is that the one used for your Yep.

It's okay. P o b. So I, I, I got my consecrated totem guide together, but I knew I wanted to still fit in blood and sand somehow. I wanted to get blood and sanding cuz it's a pretty big amount of, uh, DPS buff. But I couldn't figure out how to find the manna cuz I still needed to be able to cast the totems.

And I didn't wanna be running out of manna. I just wanted to be able to get clarity to the level that I could support it with arrogance to not feel like I was giving up too much life. But also, Be able to throw down the, the, the three cast of consecrated totem plus the one cast of ancestral protector, cuz it was, it took them to multiple totem.

So that gives me three of consecrated, two of ancestral protector. And I could not figure it out in game. I just couldn't, I couldn't figure out what was going to give me the right number man. Going into path of building though, and then starting to look at, okay, where can I get manna or where can I get better res uh, reservation efficiency?

And then realizing that I could get rid of my, uh, shaman something, I can't remember what it's called. It was the one that I had anointed onto my neck. But then switching that for charisma and then realizing if I switched to charisma, which is a manner, uh, reservation efficiency and I think non curse aura efficiency or a non curse aura effect, putting that on, then I could actually see how I could fit blood and sand in and where my manna would be.

And I just, it was so much, I actually had a lot of fun in p o b this week, like really just tinkering and trying to figure out how I could make it work. So anyway. Consecrated totems. 

I, well, welcome to Tool Building. Justin. 

Yeah, I, I don't like to live in there, but I did have a lot of fun for like the 45 minutes that I was really totally just trying to figure it out and so I ended up getting it working.

And it was also fun too because you can make changes in Patha building that cost me nothing. If I wanted to go, like what's my total full dpss right now as my build is I can just import my character and then compare that to something I actually was changing. You know, you change the anno on the thing, switching my thing, my gear, adding blood and sand, putting it on, and then being able to compare point for point where am I actually getting, am I actually getting an improvement that makes sense for me to make this change?

So I had a lot of fun with that. But anyway, consecrated totems good, I'm glad. And uh, I wanted to be able to clear Sanctums more safely, which I've been able to do the Sanctums now RF is just really hard. I know there's people that are probably crushing sanctums with rf, but it's just so much easier when you don't have to be close up.

To the enemies. Like I had to do one. I did one of the sanctums with one of the unique relics where you have to, your coins are gonna get turned into relics if you beat the final boss. So you, you want to build up as many coins as you can. Right. So in the course of building the sanctum, I had to be careful to not ever take anything that would remove coins from me, which forced me into decisions that were awful.

So one of the first options was, which I didn't think would've been so bad, I just didn't realize I was gonna get so screwed later on, which is all the, um, guards are doubled. So all of the little boss, little mini boss guys that you fight now Spawn is two of them. I like that one. I'm like, okay, cool.

That's a lot more health. But the problem is, it's also a lot more things that can take down your inspiration to resolve. Cuz they're doing more stuff, more damage. Right. They're, they're casting more often, or not more often, but just twice as often. And then I ended up getting screwed in one of the choices where I had to give them 30% increased movement in action speed.

And that buff also affects traps. So, and then I got forced into another one that was traps or faster. And so it was really tough to get through that one. It was fine. I ended up, I did beat it, but I mean it wasn't really worth it. But I, the sanctum has been a lot of fun, but I wanted to focus on doing the Sanctums and Sanctums to me still suck in the sense of how you build them because you gotta do 32 maps to get a full sanctum run.

And that to me is quite a lot to do a full sanctum run. So the map you should check out is Ma Lium, I think. I think you can do MAs lium as a tier 16 with three void stones. I think, I don't know if you can do it with two I I, I'd have to check. I have the four Void stones, so I'm not really sure. But MAs Lium it is.

It's linear, uh, it's literally like a, I guess you could say it's almost like a figure eight, but you just follow the right. You follow the right it, and it's, and it's a hallway, so it's a wide hallway, but you can't, there's never any risk of backtracking. Okay. So you're, and it's quick, it's not a long, super long map, but you hit the sanctum really easily if you're doing it with the altars.

So whether you're doing it with Eater or Siri Exar, like whichever one of those alter Sure. Modifiers are doing on it. The best part is that boss in MAs Lium is the Clarissa's boyfriend one where, yeah, but it's the one where he's like locked down and then pulses. It's the one that you fight in the key, like in Act nine or whatever that's called The key.


Not the quai, it's spelled quai. I pretty sure it's key, 

but Oh, oh my goodness. You're probably right. I hate English so much. 

Uh, but it's, go ahead, Tim. But the best part is that boss is not considered active on the map until you go into his arena. So the benefit to that is that all of the altars will never spawn with boss modifiers.

They will always spawn with modifiers for the mobs. Oh, that's, that's cool. The boss is active, which is really cool. So that means that I can go through, never have to worry about the boss getting the al alters, which the boss altars are fine now if you get really lucky. But most of them aren't because they're not great.

So unless you hit that one lucky one, that's a divine, you know, I'm gonna give you divine. It's better to get the mob ones, but, so you can go around, you could choose to even skip the, the boss and only fight him every 14th fight cuz you want to get the, uh, screaming invitation or whatever the sir ex arc version is.

But yeah, it's a just right turn only, it goes all the way through. It's like a figure eight and it has the torches that light up as you walk past them. 

Oh man, that's cool. That's cool. And 

so on my atlas, I switched my, I completely revamped my atlas cuz I wanted to play with grand design. Okay. Grand design is where the small atlas passes.

Do nothing. All of the notables that you have, increase the pack size by 1%. So I was like, how much pack size can I push into it? So then I also took, um, growing hoards. It's on the top right hand side. It turns your scarabs to not have their normal effect, but now a scarab increases pack size. Okay. So it's like 5, 7, 9 and something.

I can't remember how it works exactly what percentages, but for each scarab you add, you're increasing pack size. And then I just took, uh, what's it called? Singular focus, whatever the one is that lets your map drop 200% more. And I just set ma Lium as all my favorite map slots and okay. So I've been flying through that, getting lots of currency, filling up my sanctums.

I have to sell my screaming invitations, which is the uber eater because I can't fight, uh, sorry, not uber eater, just the eater of worlds. I can't fight the eater with my sissy. Uh, you know, one thing 

that I, I think that's offensive. Now I didn't mean that. 

If that's offensive to people. I mean, I don't think sissy's offensive, um, like maybe pussys offensive mean something.

Yeah. Well, I don't think sissy is loser . 

That's you. That's globally 

offensive. There you go. Big not thinking person. Cotton headed mini muggings. There you go. If you're an elf , um, the, uh, so anyway, I've been playing with worlds with the Yeah, but the problem is eater of worlds. So there's, there's the, there's two fights that I've found in particular Eater of worlds and Maven.

I actually can't do those fights because the way that I regen my health with my consecrated totems because I am, um, I get the leech off of the totem damage. Okay? So if the totems can't hit something, I literally have no way of reining my health. I don't, it's not, there's it, I don't have enough life regen where in the eater fight where he goes and you have to walk through those like six bubbles.

Yeah, there's nothing for my totems to hit. So if my totems don't, and I'm constantly taking damage so I can't actually heal enough through those phases. How about life flask? One that's out. There's no way. I like that that beam that he does, if you can't move quickly enough, does quite a bit of damage.

Yeah. And uh, I had flask isn't enough. Eh? Not, no, I was doing it with one life flan. It wasn't enough. And so I have seen some people though that can do enough damage that he never gets to that phase, which seems bananas. I've never had that. Cheaters high. Yeah, that high damage. Anyway, Maven has another.

Another version. Josh and I did try Maven and it didn't go well. . I was showing Josh some of the fights cuz he hadn't done shaper or elder. He's never done Cyrus. So he taken through Cyrus. Oh he done shaper or elder. Okay. So, okay. I showed him Shaper. We did shaper, we did elder. Then he was like, what about Maven?

I'm like, yeah, sure should be fine.  such a dumb fight. That's stupid memory game part. By the time we got to the where it was six of 'em, both of us were like, well shit, I lost it after like up left. Yeah. I have no idea what's happening. So what did he, did you think of 

Cy Cyrus? 

We didn't do Cyrus yet, but he hasn't done Cyrus.

But he liked Shaper. He found Shapers to be very chaotic. Especially compared to Ubers or sorry to elders. Elders is a much smoother fight. Yeah. Shapers is very chaotic. It's. There's balls coming in from the side. There's beams, there's him firing his balls in the, in the last phase, there's two versions of 'em.

So you gotta be careful about multiple spots. All of a sudden you're getting teleported out. You gotta go stand by Zanna when she's got the red ball. Like there's, and the ball's 

not consistent 

either. No. And and then you gotta be careful too, cuz the little circle coming in, like there were a couple times where I was like, don't, don't step on that thing, but we have to stay in the round circle so when you're by yourself it's really easy cuz you can just run in a circle around Z and it will just continuously chase you and he'll never open up.

But if you open it up right where Zana is, you're screwed, like trying to get back there. So he found the shaper one to be very chaotic and uh, and El I actually invited him to after dark tonight, so we'll be chatting with him a little sweet about that tonight. But yeah, it was fun showing him some bosses that he had because I didn't realize that for as long as he's played, and I mean he has very high level players.

He played, he follows guides, which is great, but he hadn't done most of the boss like the real bossing type stuff. He'd never done them before. So, I still wanna show him Uber elder. That's where you fight elder and shaper at the same time. Cuz that is a fun fight and it's at least in the elder arena, right?

So it's not like you're, you're not being teleported out and you're, it's not as, it is crazy. It gets hectic, but it's more hectic in the sense of like, you just have to watch for stuff. Whereas the shaper fight is pretty crazy. But, uh, it, you know, I had a really good week. I love how I have my Atlas set up now.

I love how I have Maum. I'm really enjoying Mausoleum, which I couldn't figure out what map I wanted to do. And once, uh, once I started playing with that one I was like, oh, this is, it's worked out fantastic. Cause it's so easy to just quickly whip around it. And Sanctums been, it's been fun. I have not felt so drawn into a league in a long time, like to the point where last night when I was gonna bed, I was actually like, I wonder what I would try next.

Like maybe I'll try Traps, traps or Mines or something would probably be pretty good. Sorry, did you say Minions next? Is that what you said? I saw Josh is playing the s r s. Yeah, but it's a poison. S r s and he, he was talking to me like maybe a week ago and he's like, well, I watched this video from this guy.

He's like, Baylor something. And I'm like, yeah, there's a, a streamer named Baylor Ma. He's like, yeah, I saw a video from him. I'm gonna try that out. And he was showing how you could do it on a budget, blah, blah, blah. And then within the hour or two hours of the two of us talking, he's like, alright, he's a liar.

These prices are way higher. I'm like, that's what happens though, man. If you start, if you pick a, the second video starts Yeah. Once you pick a build that there's like, you know, 50, a hundred thousand people watching it and people see them doing the content. Yeah. Them doing it on a budget means nothing anymore.

Right. Because your stuff becomes very expensive. So the prices used to 

be legit, but then 

they made the video. Once they make a video that stuff spikes up. So apparently Poison s r s is super popular and I, there's, there's not another version of minions that to me would work well in sanct them. Okay.

Because you need to be able to like hide and skeleton skeletons would 

be super easy cuz you can point and cast. Reer 

travel extreme as extreme, far, extreme aggressive. Reaper. You have to have a line of sight for you to use the skill. 

Uh, yeah. But it still dances around like 

you, but it's just as far as, you literally just stand and cast out.

You know what I mean? Yeah. And it will turn the corner sometimes. Yeah. Not too much else that will. Yeah. So, but anyway, I'm really enjoying the totems right now, so, but I've just not had a league in a long time where I'm too, I've got, my totems is 99, my RF is, is 97. Wow. Good seven for you. And I actually probably could push a hundred and that's just ma lium, that's literally just ma lium.

I did one set of the five ways to get the thing unlocked. Like whatever the, oh, um, the map device you have like four things on. Oh, okay. But yeah, they're actually using all of those slots. Yeah, they're all scabs. So that I get that extra bonus from growing hoards. Right. Cause that's an extra five to 10% pack size.

Like my map. Is that many dropping for you or are you buying your scabs that they're all just dropping? Especially if you're running with the altars, cuz you can. Get more scars, a drop and yeah, I haven't bought any scars at all, but the uh, my pack size on my maps is anywhere from 90 to 120%, which is super fun.

That's so high. Like normally your pack sizes are like 20%. So it's a lot of fun. That's be cool with beyond. Well so, well, so because I'm running Fortune favors, the Brave Beyond is one of the modifiers and I swear to God it's got the highest waiting cuz that's the one I see all the time. So, which is fine cuz I got a lot of the tainted stuff.

Not that I've, I six linked an item just for fun. I was laughing at Josh. I got a quill rain that dropped a unique, the bow, it just happened to drop with six link or six sockets. That means it's a low level, I think it's like level four right? For, for quill rain. And so I was like, I got all these fusings, I wonder if I can six lick it.

And I did in 200 fusing I six. Like wow. I was doing it just for fun. I was like, I wonder if I can get this thing to six link. So I'm currently sitting on that. I'm not sure if I would do anything with bows, but, Yeah, I don't know. I've not had a league though, where I'm a month in and debating making a third character.

Um, there's been very few. I think the only other time that I can remember you lasting this long in the league without burning out or getting bored is, um, was it scourge? What was the oneal Sentinel? That's the one where it was following you around. You really 

like that sentinel was fun. Yeah. I, this one the, it's just that the bass game right now is so much fun and I'm still finding enjoyment in sanctum because sanctum is different.

I never can run the same sanctum. I can't, it's not possible to run the exact same sanctum twice. So the effect of the sanctum is different. The uniques that can drop at the end, they're d. Did you know that you can get these invocations they're called? Uh, some thanks a lot to people in Global 2121 as well cuz they helped me out a lot.

There was one individual helped me out a ton yesterday cuz I was an idiot and couldn't figure it out. I wish I knew who they were, but people's names don't match their, their in-game names. But I had a bunch of sanct questions, but yeah, so these invocations that have a chance to drop, those are those new things.

I was 

annoyed with GG G for adding to the filter after the 

league started. Well, I've never seen one and apparently they're just a rare drop when you use a unique, uh, relic to complete the sanctum, but it puts a keystone onto your sanctified relic. That is so cool. I've never even seen one, so I have to play till I see one of those.

That's right. But anyway, I, it's been a really fun week. I think I've leveled to nine, halfway through 99, about four times. Just cause you die once and it's like, well there goes two hours, but uh, yeah, it's been, it's been fun. For you, how was your P oe week? Did you play much? I know you didn't get a ton. 

I don't remember my sessions, but I have notes from a couple sessions, so it must have been from, uh, last week.

But, um, I am excited to play a lot more for sure. I was gonna play last night. I told my company and my wife, I'm like, I'm just gonna play P oe all night tonight, if you're all right with that. And, uh, I was going to, and then when my wife was reading Harry Potter, I didn't catch any of it. I fell asleep and when I woke up, I couldn't shake the fog, so I just kissed her goodnight and went to bed at like quarter to eight  and I stayed asleep all night.

But, um, for the most part, um, from what I remember, my sessions have been me playing my zombie build, my Nero commander, which has full. Mitigation and life investment for my zombies. Mm-hmm. . And I'll play around with that for a while. And then instead of zombies, I'll throw in the Reaper instead. And seeing what that's like.

That's not a fully designed reaper bill. This the PC one or is this This is the console one. Okay. Pc, you're playing Reaper. That's right. And so then I'll throw in a fully leveled Reaper, which I've been leveling on the side for a couple leagues. And then Yep, that's right. That's how long it takes me to get a gym to Level 20 these days.

But then, you know, and it's not like a Reaper build, you know, it's cutting out all the extra damage that I would use for zombies, but you can't use for a Reaper build because it gets rid of your other minions. And so then, you know, I'm trying out different things, but I'm seeing other Reaper plays with full investment and what it's clear speed would be.

So I'm, I was doing lots of white maps and seeing, cuz I didn't want the extra additions to come in and change my testing, quote unquote. So I would do the same map maybe six times. I'd do three with the zombies, then I'd do three with the Reaper. Same build, same tree, and then I'd, you know, come down on PC if it was free and I'd be playing my reaper build with, that's the element list with the reaper and that one has no minion survivability.

And then, you know, I'm seeing, okay, well maybe I only need a tiny bit, maybe I can focus my bone rings on that. Or something like that. Right? Maybe that's enough. So, uh, for the most part it's been a big, um, testing period, still enjoying the content of course, and going through it. But I really am tired of it, the extreme inconvenience of resurrecting a zombie midap, cuz I'm, I'm a manna user.

I not like for skills per se, but I'm always min maxing to the umpteenth degree, the amount of manna I'm reserving. Right? To me, that's what it's for. I'm a minion Blair, so unless I'm doing s r s, I am using all that man possible. The only reason I would have any that's unused is, for example, like my.

Righteous fire character uses a lot of cast and damage taken stuff and I gotta make sure that I have that manna and the manna regen coming back for that because it costs so much outside of that. Cuz I'm not a caster, I'm a minion player. Like I'm always using up as much as I can. So I never have the manna left.

Zombies cost a lot and yes, they reduced the amount of cost of zombies quite substantially. This league or last league, I forget which one it was, but I, I never have the manna left over when I have my bill going to be able to resurrect a zombie. So then I have to take it off. But I never have desecrate as a open skill.

It's always locked behind a trigger skill I cast and damage taken. So for me to resurrect my zombies, I don't have the mana for it. So now I gotta go into my Haida and then I gotta un socket cast and damage taken, then I gotta cast desecrate and then I gotta raise my zombies and then I gotta put uh, cast and damage taken back on the gem.

And then I gotta, you need the zombies. Well for when I'm doing a zombie build, not with a reaper build. Oh, but what I'm doing with zombie build. No, no, that's my mistake. So, but I'm just, I'm so annoyed with that. I've been playing zombies since long before 3.0 for everything, and I'm just so tired of the corpse requirement.

And my biggest turn on to the Reaper well is two things I've mentioned that I hate. Like for me, zombies need spectors to do decent damage. And I hate that. I absolutely hate that. And so the reaper is sexy to me in that way because you can't 

do spectors with the reaper. 

It can random one of your reapers and then it's an inconvenience.

And that inconsistency of, oh shoot, where did that perk go? Oh, I gotta go find that. Like, you're not gonna do that in the middle of a boss fight. So I, I love the stress freeness of the lack of spectors when it comes to the reefer. But I also really like that it's a permanent minion, like zombies. But it casts like skeletons.

Skeletons don't need a corpse, I just cast it and there they are. And that's what the reaper does too. And so those two things, and I love that there's that added benefit of being engaged in like telling the reaper where to go for bonus damage. Like, I, I like that, but that's completely secondary. Those two favorite things I love are the lack of corpse resurrecting and the lack of need for specs.

So my overall goal is to be just as satisfied with clear speed and boss damage with the reaper that I would be with zombies. And if I can do that, then that's, that's really what my whole goal is, this league. So I really want to knuckle down and give myself maybe, hopefully two sessions, two evenings a week, may oh man, three would be a dream come true, but of, of playing and playing rock solid.

And I'm, so, I'm just as into PC as I am into, um, console because I, I don't have the time or the resources to. Respect one build back and forth and check things out. So I have the fully invested life survivability on console and then I have the no survivability on pc and I'm enjoying going back and forth, but I haven't made up my mind yet.

I'm confused, like mad. So theory craftings out because I have nothing to theory craft around cause I haven't made up my mind yet. Um, so that, that's what I was doing earlier on. Uh, oh. On pc I got one of those memories. I got a Nico memory. Hmm. Fun. Way too early. So here this is, so this is my note. Okay. Uh, this is in quotes.

Um, yeah, I got a Nico memory in a T 15, but it helped me level because I wasn't at T fifteens yet. I got that corrupted T 15 from a gift card. So thanks. Thanks Google for your excellent ability in translating my voice. Typing. I don't remember where I got the T 15 from. Okay. Uh, Google wrote down gift card.

Obviously I didn't get a T 15 from a gift card, so cheater. I don't know if I like bought it from Kerik, but I wasn't on, 

well, there was some issues early on with higher tier maps that were dropping when they shouldn't have been. There was a chance for that. I don't think it was a drop. 

I, I think I got it from Kerik or May, maybe it did come from a drop.

I don't know. But either way, I got a memory, it was T 15 and it actually unlocked all, all the maps for me except for the one that I started on. So that, that was nice. It was nice to actually have it useful. I gave GG g a suggestion. Okay. I gave them two, but I only remembered to write one in here. Um, I was asking if it was possible for them to design filters to be able to read character inventory or stash inventory.

I think it would be really cool if. You didn't have to hide scrolls of wisdom at a certain stage. It would be really cool if your filter, you were able to put in a little code into one of the blocks for say, scrolls of wisdom, where once your character had a full stack of scrolls of wisdom, they wouldn't show up anymore.

The filter would, 

not a full stack, maybe a, or are you talking about your character talking from the stash? 

Yeah. Like, no, so the character is what you carry around in maps and then the stash tab. So if you had 40 in your character tab, you'd have the option or of having this code in there where it would automatically hide them as long as you had 40 scrolls of wisdom.

Or maybe you could set a number if it was, if you know you had one of the paid stash taps, it would be like, okay, um, as soon as you have 200, I mean for me it'd be 5,000, but like as soon as you have a full stash tap, or as soon as you have 200, whatever the number is that you set. So I thought it would be really cool if they.

Could create that technology or have that available for P OE two or something where no matter what it was, whether, I mean, I'm obviously thinking scrolls of wisdom, but you can do that with any type of currency. I thought that would be really neat. Right? Because to me, you can never have it too many alterations, but there's absolutely no point to me in having more than one stack of portal scrolls.

And then that way you don't actually have to have multiple filters that have things more and more strict, or you only get portal scrolls and T white or in white maps, whatever it is. So I just thought that would be neat. Somebody responded with, um, oh, not on this one. I posted on both, um, GG G's website and Reddit, but somebody responded with, uh, Netfl or Nevers Sync is planning on doing that.

That's part of his roadmap of trying to do that. Don't know how he could do that because filters a filter, but, um, my post was for GG G so that anybody could do it, not just nevers sync people. 

Cool idea. I don't see them ever doing it, but it is a cool idea. Yeah. And, 

um, let's see. So. I was just chit chatting with, I forget who it was and I forget even how the conversation came up.

But I was on Discord and Georgia and Thala helped me out quite a well. I, they helped me discover this and then they helped confirm it just cuz I was a little suspicious because I'd never heard of it before. But I didn't know. And I've been a minion player since the dawn of time for me. But, uh, damage over time kills from non character sources like minions, but totems and all this, they count as on kill effects for the owner of the totem or minion.

Huh? I didn't know that. I always thought that if a minion did the kill, the minion got the kill. 

Right? Because it's a damage over time. Is that supposed to work that way? Right. So because it's not 

a hit, because it's a damage over time, it doesn't count towards the minion. Even though it was the minion's dot, it counts towards the character that created that minion or totem or mine or whatever.

Um, Now, I didn't know that. Um, and, but it's right on the wiki and it says right after that on the Wiki, it says, this is a limitation of the game and not an intended game mechanic. So for me, I'm the kind of person where when I read that, I'm like, oh, okay, I'm not gonna fix, I'm not gonna plan around that because they could fix that at any time.

Mm-hmm. , you know what I mean? So that's the kind of thing. But now it's been, I think that that note has been there since 2021, so who knows if, and that's under the damage over time part, um, page of the Wiki. But I, I don't know if I'd read that or not, or if I just blocked it away because I wasn't gonna plan around it.

But I, it was something that I completely forgot. And now that it's been there for so long, it's definitely something that's probably gonna last until P oe. So anyway, that was just something neat that I noticed. Damage over time kills. So then, then you could start doing like, if you cared more about the mapping experience than the bossing experience, you could do some on Kell effects or there's some pretty cool things.

George and Lan were talking to me about, a couple unique combinations where when you get these on Kell effects from dots, certain things happen to you and it's so, it's cool for some survivability combinations. And so anyway, I thought that was kind of neat. I never knew that. And I mean, even you just playing as a totem player, I mean cons, your, your, your build's based on his but mm-hmm.

but there's so many do options out there now. So I wonder if that's why poison 

is so popular. Like is there something being used with that? I, I just 

think it's because they're such a nice ranged poison. Like I, I remember trying poison element poisons, s r s, and this is gonna sound cheesy, but I liked, I was trying poison s r s before it was cool with an occultist a few leagues ago.

Absolutely loved it. I was very surprised and I wasn't using any uniques, so I wasn't getting more than the poison chance support was giving the minions, I think it was, I think that's 60%. So they didn't have more of a poison chance than that. I never got anything that helped improve that and the amount of damage they got, I just stacked the chaos damage.

I didn't stack anything else. Uh, so, you know, like add chaos, damage, unbound ailments, chance to poison something else and something else, I don't know. Anyway, and I was really surprised at how much damage it was, but because, interesting. Anyway, so I don't know. I just, I just assume it's just the functionality of s r s that makes them that strong.

Cool. Yeah. So anyway, but no, those are some of the things that I found out with my relatively slow week outside of the testing that I was doing the week before. And I'm really excited to keep going. Very excited. Cool. Cause, uh, yeah, I'm excited to play this week too. I will, once I've, once I've decided what I'm gonna do with reaper minion or zombies or whatever, uh, I got plans just.

Got plans J Dog. It's gonna be rad. I'm excited. Yeah, 

I'm sure you are. Super excited. Yep. All right, sweet. So let's wrap this up then. Episode 170, forever ex excelled. I'm Justin AK tags knob to the record of days. Uh, patrons, we'll catch you in after dark. We got a buddy hopefully joining us tonight, so that'll be fun to chat with him.

Next week's 1 71 BK will be with us for episode 107 1 getting for more information, you can find it down below. We get a website forever xl.com on Twitter forever, XL 82. We have a very fun discord, which if you need to know about KitchenAid and other things, we gotcha. And, uh, patons and ways to support the podcast are down below.

We love your faces. See ya.