Sept. 26, 2021

I'm Sorry GGG! I Didn't Mean It!

I'm Sorry GGG! I Didn't Mean It!
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In Path of Exile Land, there are always goodies to discuss. GGG had a slow announcement week, so it gave us time to delve into some fun moments we had this week with our 3.15 private league. We're not very good at hardcore modes, but it's fun to suck at something and laugh about it. We also hit some milestones and got destroyed in our marvelous Expedition adventures. But in true Forever Exiled fashion, we also made sure to talk about our lawns, dinner dates, and the great outdoors...(I might be allergic to it all now...). Thanks, everyone for your listens and we hope your week goes well. Also, thank you so much for reaching out to us after the last episode. You're all wonderful :).

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