Jan. 9, 2022

Rhys, The Shaper Teaser

Rhys, The Shaper Teaser

Let the teasers begin! Thank you RhysGGG! Episode 118 of Forever Exiled is here and loaded with goodies. As expected, GGG is hard at work for 3.17's release and though there wasn't much posted by them, there is a ton to talk about. RhysGGG had a crazy comment that we're sure has GGG smiling ear to ear as they listen to the community's reactions. We give our thoughts, of course, along with some good discussion to our 3.17 hopes and dreams. We even squeezed in a bunch of mechanic and theory discussions...just for you ;). Thanks for listening everyone! We love your faces. (Oh, and Shaper's coming back...you know it.)

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