April 3, 2022

Stupid Awesome Private League

Stupid Awesome Private League
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You ever have it when you're really excited about something but then when you finally get around to it you hate it, but then you take a break from it and miss it, so you try it again and kinda hate it but not as much, but then everyone else you're playing with doesn't hate it as much as you did, so you hate it even more than you originally did just out of principle? Ya, me neither ;-). One of us is destroying our 3.17 Archnemesis private league while the other is still breaking the eggs. Our little, but harsh, Forever Exiled private League will finish up around the time of this episode's release, so we get in some stories about how this league is going for us. And while GGG keeps working hard on Path of Exile's 3.18 expansion, we sneak in a conversation about loot frequency. Thank you everyone for the listens! You're the best :-)

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