Jan. 3, 2021

The Wait Is Done! Our Last Non-3.13 Discussion!

The Wait Is Done! Our Last Non-3.13 Discussion!
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We did it, everyone! We made it! 3.13's announcement is next week so 3.12 is now coming to an end! With 3.13's reveal coming up this week there was SO much to get through in this episode. 3.12 was awesome, extended, and loaded with extra goodies. This week there was some edifying posts made by GGG that were a great read, 3.13's announcement of the announcement, a 2020 year in review (GGG averaged a patch every four days!), we talk about our favourite parts of the year and our hopes for 3.13 and beyond, ANNNNND we had 4 friends of ours all try PoE for the first time ever (and on the same day)! Even joining us for After Dark. What a great way to finish off the year. Thanks, GGG for an awesome year, and thanks to everyone for the listens. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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