Feb. 19, 2023

New Players Beware

New Players Beware

Not even real life can stop the love of Path of Exile in a true nerd's heart. This week's episode, #176, features a completely drugged up, but passionate, Justin, throwing his 2 cents around like nobody's business. We get into a cool idea for a 10-day event, some pros and cons of curse investment/application, and discuss an article we read reviewing GGG's game from the perspective of a new player. (Rabbit trails included.) 3.20's Forbidden Sanctum is still being played by many and we hope you're having a great time with it if you're one of them. Thanks for all of the lovely messages this week. We wish you all the best! Hopefully you enjoy being a part of this week's conversion! See you next week 🙂 .

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